Having a destination wedding at the Oakwood Resort can be a very special experience. Your wedding could be held amidst breathtaking views overlooking the beautiful Lake Wawasee, and you can just imagine your reception banquet held right under a vast canopy of stars decorating the night sky. If you’re more inclined to enjoy indoor festivities, you can still have a romantic ceremony that will provide everyone with a panoramic view of the lake and all of its beautiful surroundings.

No matter what you want, your guests will thoroughly enjoy your special day and will celebrate your union with you in style. So, as you make your wedding event planning, consider what your guests will get when they come and stay at the beautiful Oakwood Resort.

But even before and after the festivities, Oakwood Resort has plenty to keep them occupied while you’re busy with rehearsals and finalizing other arrangements. Oakwood can provide them with a special vacation of their own. If they are coming from out of town, they can stay in one of the ten family cottages on the property, each one housing as many as five bedrooms. Rather than have the usual environment of a hotel, they can enjoy the lake in a family atmosphere while staying in some of our more casual and down-home accommodations.


The Salon and Spa

You and your guests can unwind at Oakwood’s 702 Salon and Spa. There you will find a soothing retreat that will help you to escape from everyday life. The staff at the 702 is focused on giving every guest an escape not just for themselves but for their senses too. Here, you will experience a wealth of sensory pleasures that can get all of you back in touch with the real YOU.


Dining Pleasure

Whether you want fine dining or something simpler, like an outdoor barbecue, you will find great ways to dine in and around the Oakwood Resort. Weddings are a great time for old friends to catch up and what better way to do it than over a delicious meal. Sit outside and enjoy the sunset over the lake or go into one of our fine dining restaurants and have them pamper you and meet your every need.


Take in the Local Sights

While you may be busy finalizing your wedding plans, your guests can indulge in some of the local fare around the resort. With the beautiful lake situated right in the back yard, there is something that will be pleasing and entertaining for everyone. They can spend the day on the beach, take a leisurely stroll along the nature paths that meander through 27 acres of lush foliage, or they can spend the day enjoying the water either sailing, fishing or whatever pleasurable activity they want. With three golf courses, the local marina, lots of shopping, and local activities only minutes away, your guests will want for nothing.

Oakwood Resort is one of the most elegant waterfront hotels in the region. They will not only be able to enjoy your wedding and experience your joy in style, but they will also be able to turn their time away from home into a wonderful vacation that they will remember for a lifetime.

Whether your event planning is for a small group or a large one, whether they are there for a weekend or for longer, there will be plenty of wonderful experiences to be had both before and after your special day so they can have memorable experiences of their own to share when they go back home.