There are only about 3,000 full-time residents living in the area around Lake Wawasee, but as soon as the first flakes of winter snow start to fall, that number swells to more than 35,000 people claiming the town as their own. The sudden surge of population might be a surprise to most people in a small town, but to those living near Lake Wawasee or any of the other seven lakes in the area, the phenomenon business as usual.


In the summertime, it is a virtual paradise for water lovers, but when the lake freezes over in the winter, a new bunch of kids comes out to play. People descend on the largest natural lake in the state of Indiana from all over, set-up camp at the Oakwood Resort, nestled right along the banks of the lake and the center of action, and get busy playing and participating in a wide range of events designed to bring out the kid in you.


It is the perfect platform for snowmobilers. The lake freezes over with a thick coat of ice that is strong enough for snowmobilers to be as adventurous as they want to be. In fact, there are times when the only people out there are the snowmobilers competing with the ice fishermen for a piece of the lake.


There are actually two different types of snowmobilers. One type is all about the speed of the ride, flying over the natural rise and fall of the earth, while the other is the slow driver; the one who cruises aimlessly across the terrain, taking in every sight they can see. In essence, snowmobiling in the winter represents the same kind of enthusiasm motorcyclists get on a cross country ride.


As a snowmobiler, you have a choice: you can be part of the second group and indulge in the surrounding scenery or you can join a race and fly through the snow blowing out sprays of snow in your wake, literally choking your competition. Whatever you choose, there will be many different activities to keep you and your snowmobile thoroughly occupied for the duration of the time you are up there.


Even if you don’t want the thrill of racing over an ice-covered lake, the surrounding area is full of great snowboarding trails where you can speed your way over the natural undulations of trails.  And for those who don’t want to compete for space on the snow, Indiana has one trail designated exclusively for snowmobilers, but there are many others you can share alongside cross country skiers.


All trails are open from December to March depending on the snow conditions. With each trail marked clearly, it’ll be easy to find one that is perfect for your level of skill.


And don’t forget, if you are really keen on speeding your mobile across the ice of the lake, make sure you check-in at the Oakwood Resort so you can have just as much fun off the ice as you do when you’re on it.