Get Your Employees Back on Track with Team Building Activities

Corporate life may never be the same again. The coronavirus pandemic has upended office life for millions of Americans all over the country. Many companies have had to suspend in-person operations as a way of limiting the spread of COVID-19, but some companies are better suited to remote work than others.

If your employees have been stuck at home for the last year, consider planning a corporate retreat to bring everyone together for an outdoor conference or long weekend. This gives your team a chance to bond, collaborate, and commiserate after a long, stressful year.

Why a Corporate Retreat and Why Now?

Virtually every business has been affected by the pandemic. With millions of workers stuck at home, the office is no longer the center of corporate life in America, and it’s not clear if we will ever get back to the way things were. This can leave your employees feeling isolated and disconnected from the rest of the team. Instant messages, emails, and video calls can’t replace the comradery of in-person interaction.

These changes can affect productivity, work performance, and team morale. Staying busy in quarantine isn’t always easy. It can also be difficult to keep your team inspired when they can’t collaborate in person. Creative output may suffer as a result, putting your company at a disadvantage in today’s economy.

After nearly 12 months of self-imposed isolation, bringing your employees together for an in-person retreat can help your team get back on track. They will have a chance to discuss new ideas and share personal experiences, bringing everyone closer together. Use physical and mental team building activities to mix up the status quo, so your workers will start thinking outside the box. From interactive puzzles and physical challenges, there are so many ways to keep your employees thinking on their toes.

Human interaction will also improve mental health during these difficult times. Some of your employees may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or extreme loneliness as a result of the current situation. Getting the gang together gives your team access to a much-needed support system. It also gives your employees a chance to express themselves and address these issues as they continue to adjust to the new normal.

Your team can also talk about the future of your company and how office life will be different going forward. Collect feedback from your employees during this outing to learn more about how they’ve handled the past 12 months and how you can make things easier for your team. These are uncertain times in the world of business. Keep the creative juices flowing with a corporate retreat.

Safety First

Your team can still meet safely in person as long as you adhere to the latest health requirements. Choose an outdoor venue with lots of space to move around, so your team can practice social distancing. Give your team a chance to spend time in nature after being cooped up in the house for months. Have your team wear masks indoors to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Consider having everyone get tested for COVID-19 prior to the retreat.

If your team has since moved away during the pandemic, find an event venue with onsite accommodations, so your team can spend the night without having to commute. This will also help you maximize your time together as a team.

Coordinating with your team can be a challenge during these unprecedented times. Book a corporate retreat at Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee to make sure everyone is on the same page. Located less than a one-hour drive from Fort Wayne or South Bend Indiana, and about two hours from Chicago or Indianapolis, it’s the perfect spot to bring your team together. Contact us today to make your reservation.