We all appreciate when we are in the company of like-minded people. At the very least, it puts us in a position where we can rub shoulders with those that not only understand what we do, but also respect it. While there are many such organizations in all different fields of interest, one particular area appreciated the most is in the field of art.


If you are an artist, or even an art lover, you will most likely appreciate organizations like the Art Education Association of Indiana. You can consider it to be an artistic lifeline that literally connects you with a host of art educators and art related organizations from all over the state. Just by becoming a member, you automatically become a part of the National Art Association.


Art educators can look forward to their annual convention held every year in November. There you will have many opportunities to grow professionally as you interact with other professionals in your field. Each session will be facilitated by expert art educators who will be happy to share their wealth of knowledge. This year it will be held from November 1st through the fourth.


They also offer artist’s retreats for artists looking for a place where they can stir up their creative juices. The retreats and workshops feature a wide variety of arts including ceramics, glassworks, and all different forms of printing.


You don’t need to be an educator to take part. Their programs for youth month allow even younger participants the privilege of showcasing their artwork so everyone can see. This year student’s from all over the country were invited to contribute their artistic design for a flag. Each state will choose one winning design that will actually be made into a flag and flown throughout the Youth Art month. All ages can contribute from kindergarten on up.


Since we all know how important art is for nurturing and encouraging young minds, programs like this one are an essential asset for young people everywhere. The type of opportunity they offer doesn’t just create the next Van Gogh of the world, but it also can increase a young person’s ability to develop emotionally, mentally, and socially. Children can learn to analyze situations and develop problem solving strategies through art in many ways. Since art is no longer one of the core subjects for young people in many community schools, organizations like the Art Educators Association of Indiana can prove to be invaluable to a community.


So, no matter where you stand on the art spectrum, you can feel confident and proud to have a community organization like the AEAI working to enhance the beauty of Indiana and nurture the developing young minds wherever they are in the state. Whether you are interested in becoming a member of their organization or just participating in one of their events, you can be sure there will be something for you.


The AEAI has seven different divisions throughout the state so if you’re planning to participate in an event away from home, consider staying at the Oakwood Resort so you can always feel at home when you’re away from what’s familiar.