For years, people from all over the region have flocked to the retreat centers in Indiana to indulge in the diversity of summer fun to be found at beautiful Lake Wawasee. The lake, located just a little to the southeast of Syracuse, Indiana is the largest natural lake in the state and offers loads of fun activities to suit every taste. This pristine location has long been recognized as a popular summer destination for both young and old. If you haven’t yet discovered this gold mine of pleasure, there are many good reasons why you would want to make sure this picturesque location is on your summer bucket list.


The Oakwood Boat Tour

From the third week of May through the end of September, summer vacationers can have an impressive scenic view of the lake from the water. The tour departs from the Oakwood Pier every evening shortly before sunset. While cruising the lake, you will enjoy the luxury of pure relaxation and catch amazing views of the sunset all while basking in elegant pleasure.


Rent a Pontoon

If you’re more interested in a full day on the water, you can rent your own pontoon from the Main Channel Marina. Whether your pleasure is fishing, water skiing, or just getting out there and soaking up the sun, you’ll have a full day of fun and excitement all contained within the privacy of your own pontoon boat. And if surfing is your thing, some pontoons even come equipped with their own wave creation machine so you can surf right in its wake.


Get Your Own Paddleboard

For those who want a little bit of solitude, but still want to enjoy the water, you can set out on your own with a paddleboard. It doesn’t matter if your thing is snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing, you can make your great escape from the confines of the land with your own paddleboard. Not to mention you could have front row seats for the Independence Day Fireworks as they are displayed right above the waters for an awe-inspiring experience.


Go Golfing

If you’d rather enjoy the lake from solid ground, you can spend countless hours golfing on one of the three golf clubs in the region. Not only will the exercise be good for your physical health, you’ll also enhance your mental health. It is the perfect way to shed the stresses of daily life and forget about the rest of the world. Take in the fresh air amidst the beautiful views of the region. Add to that the new friends and social interactions you will have for the perfect way to leave all your cares behind.


Go Shopping

No vacation will be complete without a little shopping spree. Whether you’re looking for clothes, gifts, or handmade crafts, you’ll find something to suit every shopping taste. So, if you’re looking for the latest in modern fashion, or you’re in search of a good bargain, stores like the Revolving Closet for thrifty deals and consignment shopping, the Creative Fish for local crafts and decorations, and even a few antique shops where you can find that one-of-a-kind deal are there for the taking.

No matter what you consider summer fun in the sun, you will find it all within a stone’s throw of the beautiful Oakwood Resort, one of the best retreat centers in Indiana. There, you can sit right at the edge of the water and indulge to your heart’s content amidst 27 acres of beauty and elegance. Whether you find your thrills on the shimmering waters of the lake or you’re a true landlubber, there is something there to satisfy every palate. At Oakwood Resorts, you will get the best of both worlds and still be within only a few minutes from all that your heart desires.