With more than 27 acres of land surrounding the beautiful Oakwood Resort, guests have their pick of many wonderful and exciting things to do. Whether they are planning on jogging along the miles of trails that meander in and out of the surrounding forest, or they’re ready to take to the water in the beautiful Lake Wawasee, they have plenty to look forward to when they come.

Even if you choose to search for adventure outside of the grounds, you’ll find many things to get involved in within the surrounding area. Even for those who have a passion for target shooting, there’s an outlet for that too. Within a short driving distance from the resort are several of the more popular Northern Indiana Attractions. If you’re like some people who are interested in shooting practice to protect your professional skills, or you’re just trying to get in a stress-relieving activity as part of your vacation, there will always be plenty of good places for you to build up your skills, practice your focus, or perfect your mental discipline.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer indoor or outdoor shooting ranges, nearby ranges offer more than just mere target practice. You will be able to participate in local events, competitions, take classes, or even attend seminars where you will learn the latest in NRA Alerts, new legal regulations, and special skills training. You’ll even be able to participate in numerous local events, competitions, classes, or even attend seminars while you’re here. So, if you want to really get your adrenaline pumping, finding a local shooting range can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your entire vacation.

Depending on which range you chose and the time you visit, you could even become a part of other events offered for people with similar interests. It could be your chance to rub shoulders with other Marksmen, sharing a meal or spending a lot of leisure activities together, even picking up on some of their tips and secrets.

Shooting ranges are also great fun for the young ones. There are programs that are open to both boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 20. Here, your younger family members will be taught firearm safety, marksmanship, and even how to get involved in competition shooting. It is the perfect place for everyone to enjoy a nice and safe family outing that can give you good knowledge you will be able to remember and use long after your vacation is over.

Yes, life at Oakwood Resort can be fun both on and off of the resort grounds. If you’re truly a gun lover that fully enjoys perfecting your skills, finding a shooting range nearby can be the one thing that will make your trip complete. You’ll find that your stay will be filled with lots of exciting Warsaw Indiana Events with more than enough activities to make your time away from home a perfect way to spend your vacation with family.