What to Look for in a Great Banquet Hall or Event Venue Near Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Event planning – regardless of what kind of event it’s for – often begins with choosing an event venue. The location of where your event will take place is going to impact everything about the occasion, from who is able to attend to activities that will be available to food and drink that will be enjoyed. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, family reunion, wedding, bridal shower, or any other event, Oakwood Resort has the perfect space for you.

Choosing the ideal event venue an hour from South Bend doesn’t have to be stressful if you know what to look for in a space. Following are some tips to help you choose the ultimate destination for your upcoming event:

  1. Location

The key to finding a great location for your event doesn’t just lie with the venue itself, but also with its surroundings, as well. Having access to amenities, entertainment, good food, good accommodations, and exciting activities during your event’s downtime is essential. Choose a location that offers convenience and comfort, things to do, great food and drink, and plenty of beautiful surroundings for your guests to enjoy when they’ve arrived for your event, but aren’t attending it at the time.

  1. Space

Any event venue one hour from Fort Wayne, Indiana should always be an appropriate size for the number of people you anticipate attending your event. Consider the size of your party before choosing a venue. Oakwood Resort has event space in Indiana that includes several different room options, accommodating parties of just a dozen up to several hundred! Be sure to keep flexible with your guest list, as there might be a few unexpected extras show up or a few unforeseen no-shows. If you’re trying to decide between a smaller venue and a larger one, it’s often best to go with the larger, because your guests will need room to move around freely and comfortably.

  1. Experience

Any banquet hall, party room, or event space should have a good long track record of hosting events like yours, and you need to be sure to investigate a little bit before signing any agreements or contracts to rent or use a space. You should pay attention to how easy it is for someone at the event venue to be available to answer your questions, how attentive they are, how knowledgeable they seem, and how accommodating they act. During any event that you plan, you need to be able to trust many details to the staff of the venue you choose, so be sure to read reviews, search for feedback on each event venue you consider, and take a tour of each one ahead of time, when possible. If you’re looking for an event venue 30 minutes from Warsaw, Indiana that has a long history of hosting events, look no further than Oakwood Resort!

  1. Coordination

You’ll need to decide early how much help you will need to pull off the event you’re planning. Will you need music? How about food and drinks being catered? Will your event require audio/visual equipment? Special lighting? Will you need an event venue to set up, decorate, and/or tear everything down for you afterwards? Be sure that any event venue in Syracuse – whether it’s for a corporate conference, a bridal shower, or anything else – will be able to take care of things like this for you, if you need help with that.

  1. Additional Space Availability

During your event, will people need additional space at any point that will require privacy? For example, will you have a guest speaker or celebrity who will require their own private area away from others for a while? If you’re planning a wedding in Indiana, will you need a separate private space for the bride and her party, as well as the groom and his party? Be careful that you visualize everything you might need during the event, and look ahead to make sure your event venue can accommodate those needs.

Oakwood Resort is a popular wedding destination near South Bend, and is just a couple hours’ drive from Chicago, Indianapolis, and other key cities. We’re within easy distance of places like the Indiana Dunes National Park, Warsaw, Goshen, and Shipshewana, among many others. Contact us today and let us know what you need for your event, and we’ll get started planning with you!