Getting married is big – huge! It’s one of the most important decisions anyone can make in their lives and as such, there are many “rules” that have been set up over the years that every bride and groom should follow…or not! Before you arrive for the big day at your event venue near Warsaw, Indiana, you should know that your actions before your big day will affect your wedding day, including relationships after it’s all done. Following are some of the best “rules” you should follow and also some you can forget about:

Wedding Tips You Should Follow

Don’t Let Loved Ones Find Out Via Social Media

Once you get engaged, it can be really tempting to splash your announcement all over social media right away. However, DO tell your people in person (or over the phone) before you post. Nothing says “tacky” like having someone close to you find out your news via an online post. While this is in poor form regardless, it’s especially important if there are ex’s or children involved.

Not Inviting Freda to Your Wedding at the Banquet Hall in Syracuse? Don’t Invite Her to Pre-Wedding Parties, Either

With any event that has to do with your wedding in Indiana (or anywhere, for that matter), know your guest list for the big day before you send invites to pre-parties like bridal showers. Inviting people to your shower – and then not to your wedding – sends a message that they are good enough to get you a gift, but not good enough to attend your wedding.

One exception could be work-related: This is if your co-workers are throwing you a shower as an in-office event or a corporate outing.

Consider Costs for Your Wedding Party

During the exciting planning stage for your wedding near Shipshewana, you may be just fine spending huge amounts of money on your wedding – however, DO consider the costs your wedding party will incur, and be considerate about whether they are willing or able to do so. If the bridal dresses you have chosen come with a heavy price tag and your best friend just lost her job, do not expect her to pay for that dress. Never spring costs on your party after they’ve accepted the position.

Remember that Vendors Get Hungry, Too

Do make sure that you spring for plates and drinks for your vendors. This is especially important for those who are going to be there for a long time, such as your photographer. While many will include a meal in their contracts, not all of them do – it’s common courtesy to make sure they get fed. These include your on-site hairstylist, your photographer, the DJ or band, videographer, and your wedding planner. Make sure there are no others who are doing you a service at your wedding venue in Syracuse who will go hungry!

Wedding Tips You Do Not Have to Follow

The bottom line when it comes to weddings in the South Bend area is that it’s your day, and if you don’t want to follow all of the rules and traditions out there, you don’t have to. While it’s considered poor form to not adhere to the rules already mentioned, it’s perfectly ok to change it up and break with the norm for some things:

Parents of the Bride Don’t Have to Pay for the Wedding

With today’s changing roles and dynamics within families, it’s now considered “old hat” to have the bride’s parents pay for the wedding. It’s perfectly fine if you still do want to hold to this tradition, but it should be discussed with the groom, the bride, and their parents before decisions are made. Do not just assume the bride’s parents will pay – this is especially true for a bride’s second wedding.

Your Dad Doesn’t Have to Walk You Down the Aisle

More women than ever before are not only choosing to have someone other than their dads walk them down the aisle, but many are also choosing to walk down the aisle alone. Anything goes these days, as far as this is concerned – again, especially if it’s not the bride’s first wedding. Family dynamics are changing, so you can choose to have anyone who has had a significant impact on your life walk you down – or not!

The First Look Doesn’t Have to Be at the Alter

Many couples these days ARE opting to see each other before their wedding ceremony in what’s become known as “the first look”. This is a great way to take some pressure off the walk down the aisle, and most couples keep the first look private – with or without their photographer present. It gives couples a few moments of peace together before the big event.

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