Are you planning to offer event planning services, such as a training seminar or team building activities, near Fort Wayne or Elkhart?

If you’re in the business of event planning, one of the hurdles you may have encountered is data management. Keeping all the details organized and accessible for parties involved can be a bit complicated. There is also a problem of gathering data that can smooth out operations or further your business reach.

By using the latest technology, however, such as sophisticated data capture tools and big data, you will be able to effectively manage your event, whether it is a training seminar, workshop, wedding, or a host of team building activities.

You just need to know how to use the technology on hand.

Benefits That Technology Brings to Event Planning and Management

  • Reduce hours spent on collecting, organizing, and replicating data across different systems.
  • Eliminate security risks associated with hard copies of documents and emails.
  • Reduce time spent on admin tasks, resulting in improved and increased productivity and better focus on team efforts in event planning.
  • Ensure data accuracy and consistency for better communication between clients and among team members.
  • Ensure availability of critical information to the right people at the right time.

How to Use Technology to Your Advantage

Provide a personalized experience

Powerful and targeted events can be achieved through the use of data capture tools to get valuable customer information. Event registration systems will provide you the personal details you need to create a client list, while online surveys will give you insights on what participants of a team building or a training seminar want, need, and expect.

Combine them with RFID and event apps and you will be able to create a personalized experience.

Organize data, set up networking

From the information on a registration system, organize data by company type, goals, and interests of event delegates or participants. You can then share the list to a session speaker so that the presentation and examples become relevant and personalized.

The same data can be used to facilitate networking opportunities that people can relate to and enjoy.

Prepare a more relevant and engaging event

Big data captures a wide variety of information that can be used for events, memberships, sales, marketing, and so on. You can use the information you’ve captured using a CRM or similar tools to ensure a better, well-prepared event the next time. This also makes it easier to create a personalized experience.

Increase client acquisition

Offer magazine subscriptions, membership to associations, or opportunities to attend events and you will be able to collect more data. You will also know exactly what your members or event participants are interested in based on their subscriptions or other activities they signed up for. Serve their needs first and your client base is sure to grow.

By using technologies available to event planners and managers, you can deliver the kind of event that will interest and satisfy clients. Now all you need is the perfect venue.

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