What usually comes to mind when you hear the word corporate events?

If you still think about boring presentations and activities that can lull you to sleep, then you clearly have not experienced the new trends in company retreat ideas and corporate events.

The ever-evolving corporate landscape demands for changes in activities and ideas for team building or seminars, some of which are done outside of a company meeting space. So believe it when we say, company outings are no longer the same as old.

Corporate Event Trends to Steal

Moments of Quietude and Stillness Added into the Mix

A full schedule of team building events could use a moment of silence and relaxation. Doing so is a great way to ensure that every lesson you want employees to learn will be remembered when they are back in the office. This will make it easier for them to apply what they learned in their daily work.

This is why company retreat ideas now include meditation classes and moments of mindfulness. If you choose to hold an event in one of the many retreat centers Indiana has to offer, you are sure to find one with a chill out space, or a yoga room for lessons.

Conference and Festival in One

Gone are the days when conferences are one-dimensional. The future of company events lean more on mixing eclectic entertainment with multi-disciplinary learning. Why keep things serious? Employees deserve to have fun too, even if the primary agenda is to ensure they continue to be a useful and relevant part of the company. It is about time that business mix with pleasure.

Business and Leisure in One

Ever heard of the term “bleisure” travel? Business travelers no longer travel for business alone but for leisure as well. They combine conferences and meetings with vacation time. A couple of days extra for leisure is all that is needed to make business travel less stressful and more productive. With this kind of option available, employees will be more than willing to go on that trip, even when the majority of it revolves around work, or closing a deal.

Use of Live Video during Events

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are setting the stage for a future where live video becomes a crucial tool in promoting events in the future. As to what network-equipment maker Cisco estimated, videos will become 75% of the world’s mobile traffic by 2020. Might as well start incorporating live video in company events.

Mobile Apps for Grab-and-Go Food

Apart from a company meeting space, some retreat centers and venue providers have apps with interactive menus that busy and tech-savvy employees can access and use to order food they can enjoy during an event or while networking. They now have an option to order freshly prepared menu items without the need to wait in line or get one from a variety of food vendors. Imagine the convenience this presents.

While you’re busy taking notes or listening to a speaker, you can order snacks or lunch with a few taps on your mobile phone. If you’re responsible for planning a company retreat, make sure to find nearby restaurants and bars with mobile apps.

Take these steps to improve your corporate event! If you’re still at the planning stage and need a venue, call Oakwood Resort. As the leading Indiana retreat center, we cater to businesses that are based in Elkhart, Goshen, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, and South Bend that need a fantastic location for their company outings. We also provide training seminar venues as well as spaces for other corporate events.