The entire reason for hotels to exist is to make guests comfortable! While some do it better than others, the best hotels in South Bend, Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, Houston, or anywhere else are those that make guests feel at home when they aren’t at home. There are tons of reasons to love staying in hotels, especially during vacations. Following are some of the top reasons why staying in a hotel is the best option – especially for summer vacations!

  1. Fantastic Surroundings

The most popular hotels are those that offer views that are unique and enjoyable. After all, the purpose of traveling is often to see things you don’t see at home and to experience places that are different from the “same old same old.” Oakwood Resort in Syracuse, IN, for example offers lakeview rooms and lake homes with spectacular views of Wawasee Lake, the largest enclosed freshwater lake in the state. People enjoy sitting out on a terrace and taking in the fresh air, sights of beautiful landscapes, and relax and unwind. When hotels offer serene surroundings, it offers guests the chance to enjoy a well-deserved vacation!

  1. Convenient Dining

While it’s great sometimes to travel away from home and go explore new places, hotels are the best places to make your home base during your adventures because the best ones have restaurants and refreshments available right onsite. After a day of shopping, adventuring, and seeing the sights, oftentimes, people just want to run downstairs from their hotel rooms to enjoy a delicious meal without having to go too far from their “base of operations.” The Pier & Back Porch restaurant and bar are right inside Oakwood Resort, offering everything from meals to drinks to catering on-site, too. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Oakwood Resort has you covered!

  1. Stay Where the Action Is

People are always looking for things to do – and when on vacation away from home, they want new things to do that aren’t too far away from where they are staying. The best hotels are those that are conveniently located close to tourist attractions, shops and stores, entertainment venues, outdoor activities, and sports centers. If you’re trying to find a great hotel near Ft. Wayne, Goshen, or Warsaw, you’ll find that Oakwood Resort is conveniently located near those popular cities and more. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Your Needs are the Reason Hotels Exist

A hotel is a place whose primary task is to take care of guests – and that’s it! When you’re away from home and are looking for a vacation from laundry, dishes, cooking, bills, home maintenance, and cleaning, staying at a hotel can give you all of that and more. Housekeeping, the front desk staff, groundskeepers, and others are literally there to make your life easy and enjoyable during your visit. Hotels are some of the only places in the world that exist for this purpose, so when you travel, take advantage of that!

  1. Hotels Make Any Vacation a Great Vacation

It’s no wonder why so many people base their vacation plans around their favorite hotels. When resorts and hotels offer everything from housekeeping and dining to entertainment and fun, the stay itself becomes the vacation. And when a hotel is located near a geographic location that is so great that it’s worth traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to see, everything comes together to create an experience you and your fellow travelers will never forget.

Planning a trip to Chicago, Indianapolis, Shipshewana, South Bend, or Ft. Wayne? Oakwood Resort is within easy driving distance of several of the area’s most popular cities! Experience the enjoyment of a historic hotel that offers everything you could want during your vacation – book your room at Oakwood Resort now!