Interaction is a necessity, be it at a corporate retreat or a conference. Doing this may send a shiver down your spine, especially if you’re not too big on making conversation. But there are ways to network without taking you too far out of your comfort zone. Consider these networking tips when attending corporate events:

Don’t try to be someone else

It’s never a good idea to build a relationship based on lies in regular life situations, and that same principle should apply to business relationships. Be your genuine self.

Be realistic with expectations

What are you attending the event for? Are you there to meet people with similar interests? Are you going to meet a specific person? Answering these questions helps you achieve what you set out to do.

Take notes

While you can always write down your thoughts on the card given to you by a new acquaintance, there are other ways to document your meetings. Smartphones have become reliable tools for daily tasks, so why not use a note-taking app to digitally jot down what transpired during the conversation. Doing so will help you communicate better at a future event.

Treat people kindly

Being overly aggressive won’t do you any favors, nor will keeping quiet the entire event. Networking isn’t about exhausting the business cards you’ve brought along; it’s about building relationships by having valuable conversations. In short, it’s possible to hand out only a few cards but emerge with lots of valuable insight.

Listen more, speak about yourself less

You don’t go up to someone then immediately prattle about yourself. This won’t go over well. Instead, approach someone, introduce yourself, and let them do the talking. How do you get them to do most of the talking? Ask thoughtful questions. Doing this allows you to gather insights which you can use in further conversations or future meetings.

Share information

Networking need not be solely focused on what it can bring for you. Instead, you can connect someone with another person with similar interests. Doing this is just as beneficial as connecting with a person you desired to meet.

Do some research beforehand

A corporate outing gathers a variety of people into one space. Knowing who you want to interact with helps attending an event more manageable; you’re not putting pressure on yourself to talk to as many people as possible. When having specific people in mind to meet, try to check their online profiles to see what common areas of interest you can have a chat over. You can even prepare possible questions to ask and keep a mental note of them. You’ll find that conversation flows smoothly once you get started.

Having a purpose and a plan makes all the difference when networking at corporate events.

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