There is something very memorable about bringing your loved ones together in one special place. As we get older, life takes us all further away from each, so bringing us all back together is not always easy. While everyone is excited about the event, there are many details that need to be taken care of. Anyone planning a family reunion will have to know how to plan, organize, and interact well with all sorts of people.

For first time planners, the sheer number of details can be overwhelming, but if you keep some fundamentals in mind, then you can keep much of the stress at bay and your reunion will be a huge success.


Remember Your Goal

One of the first things to keep in mind is that you set the pace for your reunion. It could be as simple as calling everyone to enjoy a backyard barbecue at grandma’s house, or it could be gathering everyone for a weekend on a luxury cruise. No matter how many details you have to manage, always remember that your purpose is to bring your loved ones together to share memories and enjoy each other’s company.


Start Early Enough

Because there are so many little details to be managed, give yourself the luxury of time. If at all possible, start planning at least a year in advance (some start as much as 24 months ahead of time). That will give you enough time to manage everything comfortably, and it won’t put too much stress on family members to rush to get to their destination. Keep in mind that most will need to take time off from work, school, or other responsibilities, so the further in advance you notify them, the easier it will be for them to make it happen.


Get Some Help

It is best to not try to go it alone. Depending on the size of the gathering, you could assign committees or teams to handle each aspect of the event so that no detail is neglected. The more people you get to participate in the planning and organizing, the easier it will be for you. Another great option is to let Oakwood Resort assist you. With the help of our professional and experienced event team, you will have everything you need to make your family reunion go smoothly.

Located right on the shores of Lake Wawasee, your family reunion will have one of the best places to enjoy a special occasion. Prepared with both indoor and outdoor activities, everyone is sure to have a good time. Family members can enjoy water activities like swimming in the refreshing lake waters. If they prefer to be on land, they can take a leisurely stroll around the grounds, hike the nearby trails, have an outdoor cookout, or sit around the fire pit and sing songs.

The best thing of all is that everyone can be together and no one will have the burden of cooking, cleaning, or doing any extra work to pull it off. It’s the perfect way to plan a problem free reunion.


Make it Simple

If this is your first time planning a reunion, don’t overwhelm yourself with a big, fancy event. Instead, try to keep it to the basics. Inviting close family members to a hotel or a resort where they can handle the big details can take a huge load off.

Remember, just because it is small, doesn’t mean it will be lacking in finesse. But it does mean that things are more manageable for you. Small reunions allow you the time to grow with the event. You won’t likely get a huge turnout the first time around, but as word spreads about how well you’ve organized it, you can be sure that the next event will get an even better turnout. In time, you’ll be handling them like a pro and everyone will be looking forward to the next successful event you have in store for them.

Planning a successful family reunion can be very exciting, and as long as you can keep these basics in mind, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. That way, you and everyone you love will have time to enjoy the festivities and each other’s company free from stress and anxiety.

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