The idea of bringing all of your family members together in one location to reminisce about long-forgotten memories and to make new ones can be an exciting one! However, the task of putting together such an event and finding a great location for a reunion can be a daunting one. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be, though! There are some excellent tried-and-true tips, suggestions, and pieces of advice you should follow in order to make the planning as easy as possible and to ensure that your event near Ft. Wayne goes off without a hitch.

The most important point to remember, however, is that every memorable event begins with a well-thought-out plan! Here are some excellent do’s and don’ts for planning a family reunion in the South Bend area:

  1. Start Planning NOW: Choosing a Date

Since planning is the absolute most important piece to putting on a successful event, there is no such thing as planning too early. Ideally, you should begin planning at least six months to a year ahead of the event. You’ll want to start by choosing a date for your family reunion in Indiana – to get an idea of guests’ availability, send out emails and letters telling people of your plan to host a reunion. Add several possible dates, and ask recipients to rank preferences and also to indicate any of the dates that they would not be able to attend. Choose the date that has the most people stating they will be able to attend.

  1. Don’t Do It All Yourself

After the date for your family reunion has been decided, send another letter/email asking for volunteers to help! You’ll need help organizing the event and carrying it out, too, and it’s really too much for one person to handle – especially if the event will have a very large turnout.

  1. Lists are Your Best Event Friends

Make lists of different areas of responsibility that volunteers can help with – this should include duties that need attention before, during, and after the reunion. Some of the different areas will include things like food, souvenirs and name tags, set-up, decorations, clean-up, hotel arrangements, venue reservations and arrangements, activities and games, and music/entertainment. Try to have people volunteer at the areas that use strengths of theirs.

  1. Make the Event Affordable for Everyone

The idea behind a family reunion is to include everyone – the event needs to be accessible to as many people as possible. This also means you need to make sure the event is affordable to family members who are at different life stages: young families just starting out, college students, parents on a tight income, and seniors on fixed incomes. Achieving affordability can include having the reunion at a park or backyard. Some people often will offer options for add-ons, like extra days, side trips, and voluntary activities that aren’t necessarily part of the actual event for those who can afford to spend a bit more time in the area.

  1. Location, Location, Location

A family reunion is no reunion at all if you’re planning on a location that is too far, too expensive, or too inconvenient for people to get to. Instead of planning an event at some remote open area in the wilderness that’s 100 miles removed from the nearest gas station, choose a location that is within a convenient distance from as many people as possible. An event venue near South Bend is ideal when it’s near many other activities and attractions, it’s easy to find, and it’s convenient to stay at. Oakwood Resort is that perfect place! The hotel in Indiana is ideally located near Grand Rapids, South Bend, Ft. Wayne, and isn’t far from Chicago or Indianapolis, either. A hotel resort like Oakwood is the perfect place for a reunion because not only can the staff assist with the actual event, but your attendees can also enjoy the epitome of convenience when they can enjoy a home away from home at the same location as the reunion.

The key to a great family reunion is planning well in advance. Ask for help, sort out responsibilities, make the event affordable and inclusive for everyone, and be sure to choose Oakwood Resort for your Indiana hotel near Warsaw!