During late winter and into early spring, while outdoor temperatures heat up, so do bookings and reservations for everything from wedding venues to corporate retreat locations to family reunion banquet halls. If you’re planning on hosting any kind of an event near Ft. Wayne, South Bend, or Syracuse this spring that requires reservations, coordination, and bookings, you’re going to want to choose a venue and reserve it now, before those temperatures start climbing and the reservations desks start getting really busy.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose a venue for spring events in Indiana during the winter:


1. More Options are Still Open

What’s available one minute will be gone the next; with reservations of any type, the rule is, “First Come, First Served”. Although it’s understandable that many people aren’t overly focused on spring or summer activities when it’s 15 degrees above zero outside, the early bird gets the worm, so to speak. Reserving during the winter for a spring event is especially critical if you’re interested in reserving a very popular wedding venue or corporate retreat location that often is booked full in no time!


2. More Time for Other Details

Regardless of what kind of event it is that you’ll have in the spring, more than likely, there will be more for you to plan for than just the space. Will you need to organize catering? Decorations? What about daily activities for your company? These are just a few things that might demand your attention closer to your event date and if you’re tied up trying to book an event venue in Syracuse at the last minute, you’ll be really pressed for time when it comes to reserving those other details.


3. Your Guests can Plan Better

Chances are pretty good that no matter what kind of an event you’re planning, you’ll be needing to invite guests, and last-minute invitations are never appreciated. You’ll need to choose a wedding venue in Syracuse or a business meeting space near Mishawaka (or whatever you need) as early as possible so your guests can plan accordingly. Putting so much time and effort into planning an event deserves the guest numbers to make it worthwhile, so give your guests ample opportunity to make arrangements to attend. After all, invitations that lack information on the location are, for the most part, useless.


4. Nab Seasonal Perks and Deals

It’s no secret that during the colder winter months travel slows down a bit – and so do reservations for venues for early spring. This means that everything from state parks to hotels to banquet halls are offering special discounts and deals for people who do book their events for spring during the winter months. Be on the lookout for deals that can save you money, let you enjoy free upgrades on space, choose free additions to your catering menu, and more when you book event locations near Goshen during the winter for a springtime event.


5. Book the Best in the Business

January is traditionally the slowest time of the year for event professionals, including caterers, chefs, decorators, wedding planners, entertainment providers, and the like. This means that they have more time available to meet with you, talk with you, and plan with you during the winter, which in turn means they’ll be able to better meet all of your needs when your event arrives.


Take advantage of planning your spring event with professionals during the winter so you don’t feel rushed to choose who will provide what services later. Not only that, but if you wait until later to interview potential caterers, planners, and decorators, they most likely won’t be available anymore. Your pool of potential professionals will start to dwindle quickly as temperatures warm up and winter melts into spring.

Your spring event is important – whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower, a business conference, or anything else. Planning for it during the winter when other people are busy with other things is the key to giving your guests time to plan, snatching the best event venue, enjoying special early booking discounts, and being able to choose from a larger pool of professional caterers, DJs, and more. Need help booking and planning your springtime event near Warsaw? Contact us at Oakwood Resort today and let’s get started!