The Rotary Club of Indiana has been a positive presence in our community for many years. Every year for the past two decades, they have made it possible for both charitable and Not-For-Profit organizations to raise funds for a vast number of humanitarian projects created for the benefit of the community.


Their goal of making positive changes in the local community as well as the rest of the world, has attracted many professionals from all fields. Their doors are open to all those who have a passion for community service and building up a diversified group of people with an intense desire to give back to a society that has nurtured them.


Their work in helping less advantaged people to find a better life has been extremely successful. The Safe Haven is just one example of how the Rotary Club has provided a means of giving many people a second chance to get a new lease on life. By teaching less fortunate ones basic life skills, they have been able to open the door to many new opportunities they may not have had otherwise. It makes it possible for them to find jobs, get the homeless off the street, and give many the kind of education they need to change their circumstances.


Club members contribute a vast body of talent and skills in all areas of interest, and happily apply them to the most pressing problems in their local communities. In fact, they have even played a major role in making history over the years. To date, The Rotary Club has been instrumental in campaigns to vaccinate everyone from polio, virtually stopping the disease in its tracks. They have worked tirelessly to feed the hungry and lent a hand to all those who needed it the most.


Each member gets involved by taking the initiative to learn what their community needs and then take a leadership role in making the necessary changes by utilizing their own professional skills. By connecting with other community leaders from all across the globe, they have the perfect access to talents, cultures, and occupations.


Their primary theme, ‘Service Above Self’ says a lot about their mission. In Indiana, that mission is fulfilled through numerous fundraisers for all sorts of humanitarian programs.


While the Rotary Club of Indiana is a local organization, they are a part of a worldwide community that encompasses more than 1.2 million like-minded individuals from more than 200 different countries with resources they can readily tap into when needed. This is the type of connection that we find to be the impetus of many years of success.


Each time a new project is launched, guest speakers are invited from outside the region to share their expertise. Many stay at the local Oakwood Resort where they can see first-hand just how beneficial their guidance has been to the community. Not only do they appreciate the warm welcome they receive but they leave the community genuinely feeling that they have contributed something special and that the people will be better for it.