Bringing Your Remote Team Together? Add These Activities to Your Inventory.

Remote work has changed the face of corporate America for better and for worse. Many people miss the intimacy of working together in the office, while others value the added flexibility of working from home. It helps them stay closer to their loved ones, especially when looking after a parent or child.

But remote work can have its limits. Companies of all sizes bring their remote teams together at least once a year to help workers build relationships, network, and trade skills that they wouldn’t be able to through a computer screen. Your workers are likely anxious to meet another face to face after so many months of working apart, if not in complete isolation.
If you’re thinking of bringing your team together, use these team building activities to make the most of your precious time together.

Capture the Flag

The age-old game is still relevant today. There are usually two teams, each with own flag and territory. It’s every player’s goal to steal the other team’s flag and bring it back to their territory and to stop the other team from doing the same. Some players will focus more on offense, while others are there to guard the flag from the opposing team.

Overall, this game is simple and easy to learn, so everyone can join in. It requires little talking, which can be asset after sitting around the conference room.

The game also gets your team moving. The size of the field can be as large as you like. The further the flag, the farther you have to run. It’s great for building endurance, learning how to be stealthy, and working together as a team.

Oakwood Resort is close to dozens of forests and grassy fields that you can use to host a game of capture the flag. You can even visit a local national park for more outdoors adventure.


If you’ve ever tried to row a boat with more than one person, you know how frustrating it can be. Everyone has to work in sync to make sure the boat gets to its destination. This can be a great learning exercise for your remote workers. They will have to learn how to move their bodies in unison and navigate the water as a group.

You can even try racing with your team members. The fastest boat wins a special prize.

Oakwood Resort is right on Lake Wawasee, giving you and your team plenty of time on the water. It makes for a gorgeous view while giving your team access to activities they don’t have at home.

Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves the idea of looking for treasure, whether it’s a chest full of gold or a 30% raise. Come up with a prize and look for a place to hide it in or near where you and your workers are staying. Hide a series of clues that will lead your team to the prize. Some clues may contain riddles or puzzles that your team has to solve before moving onto the next one.

Your employees will then break off into teams and begin searching for the clues. You can give them an initial hint to set them off in the right direction. The first team to solve the puzzles wins the prize by finding the treasure.

Your workers will need to put on their thinking caps for this one. It’s a great way to test their problem-solving skills in a new environment.

Add these activities to your schedule when hosting your remote team in person. Make your reservation at Oakwood Resort to bring your workers together. We are close to Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as Chicago, Illinois for your convenience.