For most people, their wedding is the most important day of their lives. Many start planning when they are very young, collecting photographs, studying images, choosing music, and making plans, plans, and more plans. Whether you are the bride or the groom, it is an exciting time for all.

There are a thousand and one decisions to be made. Most start with the big decisions, and as the day gets closer, they work their way down to the smaller details. They may begin by deciding on the venue, the band, the ceremony, and end up with the small details like party favors, gifts, and fine-tuning the decorations.

With so many things to do, it is easy to get overwhelmed when you have to pull it all together. To avoid this, many opt to go with an all-in-one wedding venue at a resort. It is a means of bringing the entire day together in one fell swoop.

The all-inclusive wedding venue was created specifically to relieve much of the stress that comes with planning your special day. With only one place to handle every element of the big day, you can rest easy knowing that your wedding will be all that you dreamed it would be. Still, there are many other reasons why you might want to seriously consider an all-in-one wedding at a resort.


They are Less Expensive

No matter how you look at it, weddings are expensive. Paying for all the services you need separately can quickly add up, but by having it all contained under one single roof, every detail is handled by a single vendor, so you will automatically get it all for a lower price. This can be huge for a new family starting out.


They are Experts

When you are working with a resort, you are working with professional event planners. It’s one of the reasons why they are able to deliver so much. They do not have other jobs, other goals, or interests to take their attention away from your big day. All they do is plan special events. They will be able to think of things, foresee challenges, and overcome them long before these things become a problem. All in one wedding venues also have a full staff on hand to ensure that every detail is exactly as it should be. With so many hands waiting to manage your wedding, there is no need to worry.


They Have Backup Resources

What if, for example, you wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but your day starts off with a torrential downpour? They have the resources to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Even if it means moving the event inside, setting up tents, or bringing out extra heaters, they have the resources to handle any challenge they may have to face.

Oakwood Resorts has the means to accommodate out of town guests and an entire bridal party. No need to worry about where to put up Aunt Susie and Uncle Bennie when they come to town. They have a room for them, and quite likely, can offer it at a nice little discount.


It’s true, weddings can be hard to plan, stressful affairs, but it all becomes much easier when everything is handled through the venue. Make your wedding as exciting and special as you imagined it by letting Oakwood Resorts handle all the stressful details. We are located just 45 minutes from Fort Wayne, Indiana and Fort Wayne International Airport.