If you’re scheduled to have a corporate retreat soon, one of the things you should do is to choose group activities for your event. This is crucial since selecting the right team building activities will promote active participation among your employees and foster teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie. It will also help you have a successful retreat and ensure your event planning efforts won’t go to waste.

But which activities should you choose for your corporate event? There are actually hundreds of choices available, but you can start by exploring the following ideas:

Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the most popular activities for company events and would certainly be a hit among your employees since it’s fun and easy to play. If you have a big company, you’ll want to create groups that have staff members from different departments to promote inter-departmental camaraderie. You might also want to give instructions via smartphones and tablets to add a techie twist to the hunt.

Family Feud

This involves a lot of planning since you need to conduct surveys beforehand. However, with enough preparation, you’ll have your team giggling and laughing, especially if your surveys (and the answers!) are weird and wacky. Make sure to assign someone with a vivacious personality to be the program host to ensure the game is fun and exciting.

DIY Food or Drink Making Contests

These require you to purchase large quantities of ingredients, but they’re worth it since they’ll bring out your employees’ creative side and require them to work as a team. Simply choose the type of contest you want to have; this can be a mixology challenge (wherein each group must create a signature cocktail) or a dessert face-off (wherein teams have to come up with delicious sweets). Choose a contest that doesn’t require plenty of cooking equipment to minimize your expenses, and don’t forget to create a panel of judges who’ll choose the winner!

Bingo with a Twist

Bingo has had a reputation for being boring, so why not add a completely new element that will make the game more thrilling? Instead of being based on numbers, your bingo can be based on other things, such as trivia about your company or pop culture facts. Those who can give the required info can cross off a box on their bingo card, and the first team that completes the required pattern wins. You can even take it to the next level by making it a bingo challenge: create bingo cards with a challenge on each box instead of a number, and the first team that completes all the challenges wins.

These are just some of the team building activities that you can incorporate into your corporate retreat. If you already have a list of activities you want to do but don’t yet have a venue, don’t worry since you can always rely on Oakwood Resort. We are one of the best retreat centers Indiana has to offer and we cater to clients who are based in Warsaw, Goshen, Elkhart, South Bend, Fort Wayne, and other nearby areas. Call us today to learn more about our services and facilities and find out how we can help you!