Organizing a company retreat is hard, but putting together a fun and productive one is more difficult. Fortunately, it’s not impossible! You can take the following steps to plan a successful and memorable event for you and your staff.


Choose a great location

There’s nothing wrong with going to a tropical destination, but remember that there are many excellent places here in the U.S. If you’re in the Midwest, for instance, why not look for company retreat locations near Chicago? You’ll be surprised at the sheer number of options, including our lakeside Oakwood Resort.


Know everyone’s dietary needs and preferences

Planning meals is one of the hardest parts of organizing company retreats. You can make it easier, though, by making an online survey about food preferences and asking your staff to fill it up. This way, you’ll know exactly how many people have special dietary requirements or specific food preferences, and you can plan your meals appropriately to cater to them.


Schedule meetings and activities

Decide exactly when you’ll have small group discussions about work performance and future strategies. This way, you can inform your staff ahead about these meetings and ensure they’ll come prepared. Of course, don’t forget to schedule fun activities in between meetings. Make sure to have a variety of activities so introverts and extroverts can choose those they’re comfortable with.


These are some of the tricks to creating a fun and memorable company retreat. You can check out this video to see an example of a successful retreat and get inspiration for your own event.