Weddings are all about bringing your most profound romantic fantasies to life. Whether lavish and huge or humble and intimate, weddings are meant to be glorious from the eyes of the newlywed couple and their closest friends and family with whom they have shared their favorite moments with. Not every ceremony has to be on a white sandy beach or in a lush green and mood lit forest, but planning a destination wedding is one way to ensure that the big moment is as memorable as possible for everyone involved. There are endless possibilities for bringing your dream to life. Whether you’re getting hitched in the Bahamas or Fort Wayne, Indiana, the following tips will help you to prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

Choose Your Destination

When it comes to location, destination weddings can be just about anywhere you can imagine. Couples often have the misconception that a destination wedding needs to be on an island or in another country, but what many don’t realize is the beautiful potential just up the state or across the river! Event planning is not an easy task, which that the closer to home your destination is, the more likely it is to have a successful turnout for a fraction of the cost. There is no right or wrong answer to where your wedding should take place, but a good ol’ fashioned midwestern gathering can sometimes be the most meaningful.

Find the Right Venue

Regardless of where you exchanged vows, what makes or breaks the day is the event venue itself. Will it be indoors on a snowy winter night? Will it be in mid-June, rain or shine? Banquet spaces should be able to accommodate your guests and the demands of the ceremony and reception. It is also important to understand that when planning a ceremony, certain banquet spaces offer an on-site coordinator. For example, Northwest Indiana banquet halls– such as Oakwood Resort— offer complete wedding packages which include on-site amenities such as a full service spa, a bridal suite, a dance floor, catering, decorations, private rehearsal dining, floral services, entertainment, and more.

Quantity or Quality?

One final factor to consider in planning the ultimate destination wedding is size versus luxury. A smaller wedding with a shorter guest list can allow for more premium catering options, lodging, decorations, and beyond. Larger event venues may run at higher rates but can house the most extended of family and friends circles. Unless you have an unlimited budget for wedding costs, it is essential to determine whether you would rather have a reception with 25 guests or 500 guests. Proper event planning will ensure that everyone is comfortable and able to attend your unique celebration. How gourmet will the food be? WIll there be an open bar? Will everyone be able to secure lodging and travel expenses? These questions are bound to come up many times, but only you can decide what works best for your big day.