It can seem like attempting the impossible when it comes to trying to plan a corporate retreat or corporate outing at which employees have a great time while still getting a lot of work done. However, it certainly is possible to do so – you just need to know how to strike a good balance between the two. Fortunately, there are some people out there who plan training seminars at corporate retreat locations of all kinds for a living – here are some of their best tips to follow when planning your own retreat:

Get everyone on the same page right off the bat.

While some of your employees will understand that a “retreat” is not necessarily something that is a vacation, others will hear the word and right away set their expectations on exactly that – a vacation. You need to make sure that you clearly communicate that while there will be time for fun to be had, the ultimate goal of your agenda is to also get a lot of work done. When you do have an itinerary or agenda ready, make sure that you circulate it throughout the company in plenty of time before you reach wherever your Indiana retreat center will be.

You must make sure to plan ahead.

it won’t have a lasting impact on anyone in your company if the retreat is unorganized, full of unproductive time, and overall a waste of a trip. One of the best things you can do to help yourself to plan ahead is to send out a survey to employees; in the survey, ask questions to get a feel for what they would like to do on the retreat and also questions about the company itself now. Find out what employees like about working there, what the company does well, what could be improved, and what employees think about the future of the company. Discovering the answers to these questions will reveal important subjects that should be addressed during the retreat.

Take the time to learn everyone’s personalities as much as you can before the retreat.

Whether your trip will take you to South Bend, Goshen, Fort Wayne, Indiana or Elkhart, Indiana – or anywhere else, it’s important to arrive having an idea already about the team members with whom everyone will be spending time.

Add in a variety of activities and instruction, meetings and more.

Keep in mind that everyone learns things differently, and no two people are going to take away the exact same things from any retreat, conference, seminar, or outing. Everyone has different tastes, so you’ll want to focus on differentiated retreat planning.

Pay attention to the details.

Determine a budget, a location, accommodations, and structuring all the activities. Training seminars don’t have to cost a fortune; consider the size of your company, and if you’ve never traveled for a retreat before, start out small and simple, if you like. Choose a location that helps people feel relaxed and happy; try to find places near airports or bus terminals, because your employees will appreciate limiting travel time as much as possible. For accommodations, give each employee his or her own room, if possible – quiet time and a chance to recharge is always appreciated.

Planning ahead and weighing options concerning every detail is going to be the key in planning a successful company retreat. Leaving nothing to chance will ensure that stress is kept to a minimum, that wasted time is non-existent, and that productivity and fun are enjoyed in droves.

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