Any time you can take a vacation – or even just a weekend getaway – is sure to be a good time full of memorable experiences. While any girls’ weekend near Goshen or Ft. Wayne is bound to be a good one, being able to collect your gal pals and leave the world behind calls for a special kind of trip.

And it all begins with the hotel you choose as your “home base” for the weekend.

As one of the best resorts in Indiana, Oakwood Resort, in Syracuse, is the idyllic location for a girls’ weekend getaway for several reasons. You’ll want to make sure any location you choose for your gal time offers specific amenities, activities, and services, so listen up and find out what those specifics are – and why Oakwood Resort is the perfect place for your next girl getaway!

Hotel Must-Haves for a Girls’ Weekend Away:

  1. On-site Amenities

You and your girlfriends are tired of running errands and going places all the time, so you’ll want a place where you all can get pampered – without even having to leave the hotel property. Oakwood Resort is one of the top-rated resorts in Indiana. Offering a wide variety of products and services, Oakwood’s amenities create a retreat from the stresses of life. From complimentary breakfast during the week to a fitness room to complimentary use of kayaks, paddleboards, and bicycles. What more can a group of girls need?


  1. Water

Whether it’s a beach, a lake, a pool, or a hot tub, no girls’ weekend is complete without water! Water is proven to reduce stress, enhance calm, and help balance and focus, so it’s a good thing that Oakwood Resort has both indoor and outdoor swimming for your getaway. It’s located right on a private beach on Lake Wawasee, so you and your girls can spend time near the all-important water, even in the colder months of winter. Enjoy boat tours of the beautiful lake, take walks on the beach and in the summer, get plenty of R&R lakeside as you bask in the warm sun and follow up with a cool dip in the lake.


  1. Space for Everyone

It’s not always ideal to split your group – even if you’re just going to bed. Most hotels in the United States only have rooms for three to four people.When you’re in a group, the only option is to split everyone up into different rooms or reserve a very pricey top-tier suite. Oakwood Resort, however, has another solution – lakeside homes! These little homes are available with a variety of different set-ups and can sleep several people in them. What a fabulous way to keep all your favorite girls together during your weekend when you all can spend quality time together in a cute little house near the beach, for a fraction of the cost of big-city hotel suites!


  1. An Onsite Restaurant & Bar

No celebratory weekend is ever complete without fantastic food and drinks on order, which is exactly why Oakwood proudly offers its own onsite restaurant: The Pier & Back Porch. Serving up out-of-this-world food and spirits since 2013, the lakeside restaurant offers daily drink specials, unique dishes, savory meals, and fun appetizers and desserts. For those who are planning a little bit larger event, such as a bridal shower for example, the restaurant also caters and accommodates large groups with perfect menu selection options. Why leave the hotel and drive around trying to find a place to eat and drink during your girls’ weekend? The Pier & Back Porch has everything right on-site.


  1. Activities Galore

Although gal pals will most assuredly have lots in common with each other, the truth remains that no two people are exactly alike – everyone enjoys different things to do in Indiana. You’ll want to make sure that your girls’ weekend in Syracuse is perfect, and that means making sure everyone always has something to do, no matter what their preferences are. Oakwood Resort offers the perfect location for any gathering. Guests can enjoy everything from the game room to the hiking and walking trails to the nearby shopping, and more. You and your best pals can also enjoy our onsite ball courts, lake tours, lakefront dining, and a fitness room. We also offer bike rentals to help you quickly get around the area.There are several spots to go horseback riding within walking distance from the resort for even more outdoor adventure. No matter what your girlfriends enjoy, they’ll find it when you book your girls’ getaway at Oakwood Resort!


If you’re planning a girls’ weekend getaway near South Bend, Ft. Wayne, or Goshen, you owe it to yourself (and your girls) to give Oakwood Resort a call. Everything a grand weekend requires is available right here, ready for memories to be made that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to make your reservations for the best hotel near Warsaw, Indiana!