Save Time and Energy with a Resort Wedding on Lake Wawasee

As you start planning your wedding, you might find that accommodating everyone’s schedule is easier said than done. Even if you have your heart set on the perfect venue, getting your loved ones to and from the ceremony might throw a wrench into your plans. Instead of forcing everyone on your guest list to make lodging arrangements of their own, you can keep your loved ones close to the action by throwing a resort wedding. Discover the many perks of hosting your wedding at a world-class resort.

Stay Close to Loved Ones

Weddings are stressful enough without worrying about where everyone on your guest list is going to stay. Throwing a resort wedding means that you’ll be just a few feet away from all your loved ones, including people that you might not get to see very often. Getting to and from the reception and the ceremony is a cinch if everyone is staying at the same resort. Your guests can lie back and relax knowing that they don’t have to drive home after a long night of partying. Even better, most resorts offer bulk discounts for wedding parties.

Great Customer Service for Lasting Peace of Mind

Weddings usually come with their fair share of drama. Something always goes wrong at the last minute. Having some helpful staff in place goes a long way when you’re trying to throw one of the biggest events of your life. Instead of depending on a few cater waiters during the ceremony, a resort wedding gives you lasting access to all kinds of friendly personnel. You can make all kinds of arrangements with the resort staff, including a special brunch for the morning after, a complimentary spa day, or even a 7AM
wakeup call. Regardless of what’s included in your wedding plans, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s always a helpful face just a few feet away.

A World of Fun at Your Fingertips

Depending on which resort you choose for your wedding, you and your guests will have plenty of ways to celebrate. Most high-end resorts offer all sorts of fun activities and exciting perks. Whether your guests like to lounge by the pool or get a massage, they can spend their free time enjoying a well-deserved vacation. You can pick the right venue based on how you like to have fun. If you love being on the water, you can always find a resort with lakefront access, so you can swim, surf, and head out on a boat before your big day.

If you’re looking for a scenic event venue for your wedding, visit Oakwood Resort, located right on Indiana’s Lake Wawasee with direct access to Fort Wayne, Indiana and major cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis. We have a lavish banquet space and conference center for all your celebratory needs. Everyone on your guest list will gladly make the trek to Oakwood Resort for your big day. Contact us for rates today!