Corporate retreats will never be the same again once you stay at Oakwood Resort. Here are the main reasons why it is referred to by many as the perfect corporate retreat location.

  1. Reuniting the Workforce from Key Locations of the Company. Choosing Oakwood Resort to facilitate the reunion of teams from different locations will definitely be a sure winner.
  2. Taking Them to a Location Away from Their Workplace. By moving them out of their workplace to come to Oakwood Resort, workers will be able to realize how important it is to spend a few moments to build cohesion and allow team building for overall success of their organization.
  3. Picking Out One Member from Each Group to Create a New Diverse Group. This will be useful so that each member can interact with others they don’t normally come in close contact with every single day.
  4. Interaction by Allowing People Outside of the Company to Facilitate. In this regard, Oakwood is the best option to facilitate their needs because workers can relax and enjoy the mesmerizing ambiance instead of facilitating the event by themselves.

Oakwood Resort is only a few hours away from the Chicago and Indianapolis areas. This means that employees situated in key cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis can take advantage of this offer. Although corporate meeting locations near Chicago could also meet your needs, Oakwood Resort is that destination far from the big cities giving you and your employees the space it needs to bond without any distractions. If you are looking to have a corporate retreat, make it a point to visit Oakwood Resort to transform your meeting into something beneficial for the company as a whole.