Fort Wayne is an Indiana city with a thriving economy. Employment boost came with the manufacturing sector, while other sectors include distribution, logistics, transportation, healthcare, leisure and hospitality, among others.

Many companies are now based in Fort Wayne giving an overall boost to the economic development of the city. Lots of these companies have their own ways of motivating their own employees for the benefit of their organization.

But if you have a business in Fort Wayne, and you are looking for a new way to improve employee performance through team building then you only have to look about 50 miles northeast of you toward Lake Wawasee and Oakwood Resort.

Improving Employee Performance

One of the contributing factors to the improvement of employees to perform better is keeping them abreast of the current trends. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the companies to engage their employees to attend corporate retreats. Such moves will allow emerging businesses or even veteran companies to develop staff cohesion.

Thus, workers will be able to reflect on the changes required for handling conditions of the market and the current status of the business. Engaging in corporate retreats will put you in a position where you can take care of the best interests of your staff and your customers.


Employee Team Building

The idea of hosting retreats is initially for team building purposes. If your staff is still young, chances are they need to perfect the operational feel and flow within the group. Since your staff may be composed of contrasting individuals stemming from various backgrounds, it is very challenging to build a staff with a remarkable bond. Once your employees achieve this goal, it will be easier for your company to reap the rewards as they will become much more effective at working as a team.

If you decide not to facilitate retreats, you could compare your staff to a sports team that never goes to practice and never goes into training camps, since that is essentially what a corporate retreat is.  As a result, you won’t recognize those who just need a little bit more attention and training in order to perform at a level that will help your business rather than stagger it.


Oakwood Shines above the Rest as a Retreat Location near Fort Wayne

Company retreat locations are plentiful, and Fort Wayne has some of their own, but if your business is located in Fort Wayne don’t you want to get out of the city for a bit and enjoy some place new? Selecting the best location to host your corporate events are crucial because it is often the biggest factor in determining how easily employees will look to sharpen or develop their skills as well as embrace changes.

If you are planning to take a pause on your operations and spend some uninterrupted time for developing cohesion with your staff, one very special place that can handle it all is just less than an hour away from the city. It is also just a couple of hours away from Chicago and Indianapolis.

The place of course is Oakwood Resort, which is located along the edge of the biggest lake in the state of Indiana, Lake Wawasee. If you are looking to spend some time with your staff for the overall development of your company, this is the place to be. There is nowhere else to search for company retreat locations but Oakwood Resort.

Oakwood Resort is quite large with more than 350,000 square-feet of corporate space to handle any functions that will host you and your employees. Oakwood offers enjoyable spots for inspiring connectivity, collaboration, and meeting that will transform the experience into the creative solution you were planning to achieve. For this reason, it is important that you can provide ample space for your staff to appreciate this gesture of bonding.