Here at The Oakwood Resort, we are an all-inclusive getaway location where everyone is welcome. We applaud the services of other organizations that make it their aim to give support and assistance to others. For that reason, we would like to showcase one of our most highly respected organizations for their role and impact in our local society.

The Indiana Association of the Deaf has been servicing our community for more than a hundred years. Their mission, to preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human and American Sign Language linguistic rights of all deaf people in Indiana has allowed them to grow over the years. Today, the IAD is still working hard to advocate for more than 400,000 individuals in the Hoosier State.

As a non-profit organization, they offer essential classes for all families with deaf children, teaching them important communication skills so that every child gets a wholesome home/school/social environment that allows them to grow freely into fine citizens of the local community. They feel that in many households where there are deaf children born to hearing families there could be a serious disconnect that could impact the child’s ultimate development. Because of this, they offer a real incentive for everyone in the household to learn not just how to communicate together, but to learn each other’s culture. This has made it possible for many such families to grow into a unit where everyone can thrive.

IAD also offers a host of other learning opportunities including a visual language learning program – a focus on building vocabulary so that there are more ways for those within the household. Families who take advantage of these types of resources have children that grow up with the advantages of being bilingual in both English and American Sign Language. This is done through programs that teach them how to sign and read together, where parents use interactive storybooks to create an all-inclusive learning environment.

They have even taken the initiative to care for the seniors who live within their community. Senior care is often expensive even under the best of circumstances, but it can be even more complicated when dealing with the deaf. Offering benefits that cover everything from insurance to Medicare/Medicaid, there is no reason why anyone within their folds should go lacking.

In fact, they have a little something for everyone. So, whether you’re a Deaf child getting ready for school, you’re a caretaker, responsible for the health and welfare of someone who is deaf, or you’re a parent just searching for the best way to guide your child, IAD has a resource that you can rely on.

Like any other non-profit organization, IAD is always in need of support, and we at Oakwood Resort want to give them all the help we can. This is mostly done through fundraisers and donations so, if you have an idea for a great way to help the IAD raise funds for all of their projects, we have excellent banquet space that will accommodate lots of people for your event. The IAD is one organization that is committed to giving everyone under their purview the best chance they can have, and we’re happy to be a very small part of their unique yet diverse community.