When people organize corporate retreats, they usually focus on planning team building activities that hone the participants’ skills while promoting teamwork and cooperation. There’s definitely nothing wrong with doing this but, if you’re planning a company retreat for your staff, it shouldn’t be your only priority. To have a successful event, you also need to provide excellent entertainment that will help your employees enjoy and have fun.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some ideas you can explore:

Set up a photo booth

This might seem like a cliché, but it’s actually a great way to spice up your corporate retreat. By hiring a photo booth with lots of fun props, you’ll give your teams the chance to goof off while bonding over the act of taking wacky pictures. Photo booths are also a great choice if you’re hiring a small banquet space and don’t have much space for vigorous activities that involve running, walking, and dancing.

Organize DIY activities

Give your employees the chance to make their own cocktail, ice cream, pizza, and other treats. It’s a great way to help unleash their creativity while ensuring they can enjoy yummy food and drinks. You can even turn it into a contest: choose the best DIY drinks/treats and have the rest of your team vote on the winner.

Hire professional entertainers

You can’t go wrong with hiring professional singers, dancers, and musicians who’ll entertain your event attendees with quality performances. And the entertainment doesn’t even have to stop on stage: you can hire a magician who’ll walk around the tables and perform stunning tricks for your employees. Another option is a speed painter, who’ll create instant portraits of your staff while engaging them in fun conversations.

Add gaming to your game plan

Got a big budget? Consider setting up a small gaming area where guests can play different types of games. If you have an even bigger budget, throw in virtual reality headsets and games, too. Video games are probably not related to what your company does, but it greatly helps in helping your employees relax and put them in the mood for your corporate retreat.

Bring out your team’s inner kids

Everyone has childlike wonder in them, so why not bring this out during your event? Do something different, Oakwood Resort has numerous activities your team can enjoy like water sports or trail hiking. Invite your team members to go all out and have fun. You’ll be surprised at how many of them will grab the chance to unleash their inner child — yes, maybe even that too-serious guy from accounting! Just make sure that your event venue has enough space to accommodate these activities.

These are just some of the fun entertainment ideas you can use for your corporate retreat. If you’re still looking for a venue for your event, give Oakwood Resort a call. They offer Northwest Indiana banquet halls as well as other types of venues and can help you organize a successful and memorable event. Located on the banks of Lake Wawasee, Oakwood Resort is a great choice for businesses based in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Goshen, Warsaw, Elkhart, and surrounding areas.