Organizing any type of corporate event, company retreat, or conference is no easy task. However, this guide aims to simplify that task and take a good portion of the stress out of the event planning. Many events for companies, businesses, and corporations are geared toward sharing company strategies, projections, plans, ideas, and changes – they can also have the goal of improving relations between employees as well. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still very much present, it doesn’t have to be a hurdle when it comes to your business conference or company retreat.

Whether your event will have the goal of bringing employees together, celebrating a milestone, supporting sales initiatives, incentivizing achievements, or purely to entertain, be sure you’re familiar with the information below to ensure that your corporate event near Ft. Wayne goes off without a hitch.

Various Types of Corporate Events in Indiana

Corporate events can vary from small training seminars to massive conferences with thousands of attendees. When planning for your corporate event, you’ll need to know what types of events there are in order to better organize for it – and this includes booking a corporate event venue in Syracuse.

Micro Events, also referred to as simple events, is the term for those that will have 100 or fewer attendees. These events take the form of intimate training seminars or simple meetings. Planning usually involves booking rooms for attendees (in a block of rooms or not) at a hotel and resort near Warsaw, a conference room or banquet hall for presentations, and a place for registration.

Small Events are those having 100-250 delegates, and can be training days, department conferences, or seminars. A main stage may be needed, along with lunch, audio-visual equipment, and online registration, along with rooms available at a hotel near Ft. Wayne.

Mid-size Events are those that rely more on technology, and can be up to 1,000 attendees. These are often company-wide business conferences or leadership conventions for clients to meet with leaders of the company, for example.

Many of these events require pre-event communications, and some even have event mobile apps as part of their budgets. Delegates often require accommodations at a hotel and resort like Oakwood. Oakwood Resort is a premium hotel near South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Warsaw, and other major cities in the area!

Large-Scale Events require the most planning, often months ahead of time, and also require technology to manage things like attendee’s flights, in-town car rental, budgets, online registration, hotel room bookings, and more. These are often multi-day events that include things like dinners, partner programs, award ceremonies, and off-site activities. You might need catering, speaker management, registration help, and more. Up to 10,000 people might attend these large-scale events!

Your Event Budget

The amount of budget you have available to you will impact every aspect of your event, from the event venue in South Bend you choose to the hotel in the Ft. Wayne area you reserve. This includes entertainment, catering, technology, space, speakers, giveaways, and more.

Taking a look at past budgets for similar events can be a great boon in your planning. Previous budgets are useful tools for establishing a baseline budget – do keep in mind any inflation and evolving needs, however, which will boost your financial budgeting needs. Past budgets can help provide an idea of how much certain suppliers charge but again, do account for the need for some flexibility.

Make a comprehensive list of expenditures and budget line items include the venue, food and beverage, accommodations and travel, staffing costs, technology, marketing, and service fees. To help you out, there are some excellent event budget management tools that can help you track expenses, generate budget reports, and more.

Your Choice Venue Near South Bend, Ft. Wayne, and Warsaw

There are many factors that will influence your choice when it comes to choosing a venue for your corporate event, training seminars, or business conference. These include the location, the venue’s ability to match your capacity needs, availability, and other logistics. Many planners choose a hotel in Syracuse for their events in Fort Wayne or South Bend because of the ideal location – Oakwood Resort is the most popular.

Be sure that you have a clear understanding of your needs, and when you speak with an organizer from venues you are considering, request proposals and arrange visits to the sites. Oakwood Resort makes it easy! From catering to setting up technology to providing on-site conference rooms and guest rooms and more, Oakwood can handle it all for you.

Contact Oakwood Resort today and start planning a corporate event your guests won’t soon forget!