Negotiations are best done on neutral grounds, which is why business deals are often done outside of the office, often in a company meeting space where fun and professionalism can mix without the lines being blurred. There’s a venue for everything, including serious business meetings.

What’s great about taking business outside of the confines of an office?

  • It gives everyone a break from scenery that they see every day and it breaks any monotony they may be experiencing. Group meetings outside the office can give everyone a breather, even if it’s just for a short while.
  • It can spark creativity and productivity. When nothing seems to go right with your work day, a short break is all you need to bring back your muse or energy. A power nap isn’t called as such for nothing.
  • It gets everyone to loosen up. This is especially true if you pick a more casual or laid-back venue. People have been known to act differently according to their physical environment. Changing their environment may bring out their more confident selves, and then they bring that version of themselves back to the office.

However, group meetings or business deals outside the office must be done in appropriate public places. One where professionalism can still be maintained.

If you’re looking for a suitable company meeting space near Fort Wayne or Warsaw, you will never go wrong with Oakwood Resort. With us you have more than one option to host a conference or business meeting.

Conference Rooms

What makes the resort the appropriate company meeting space near Warsaw is the availability of conference rooms. Some of our conference rooms can accommodate 10 to 100 guests. While you probably won’t need an entire army for a group meeting, having enough room will ensure that no one will be on their feet while discussions or negotiations are underway.

Outdoor Event Space

Some negotiations and business dealings happen on the golf course. A better alternative would be an outdoor space with nature to provide a calming and relaxing venue. Oakwood Resort provides just the outdoor company meeting space near Fort Wayne that you’re looking for. Choose from gazebos, spacious lawns or a lakeside patio for your next out-of-the-office business meeting.

The Hilltop Banquet Center, Event Center, and Wawasee Boardroom

Business meetings can have many different purposes. Sometimes business meetings can happen during leisure events, such as fundraisers and award ceremonies. The Hilltop Banquet Center is the best venue for such events. It is a two-story banquet center that can accommodate up to 200 guests. And that’s on each floor, there’s also an outdoor patio at the lower level. With that much space, there’s plenty of room to strike a deal, or simply have fun with business associates or vendors.

The Event Center is a great option if you’re looking to accommodate up to 560 people. It is great for larger corporate celebrations and events. The newly refurbished Wawasee Boardroom is ideal for more intimate training seminars. These can include workshops or meetings, and there is seating for up to 16 people.


In conclusion, If the office or in-house conference room feels suffocating, take a breather and hold a business meeting outside of the office. What is great about meeting rooms at Oakwood Resort is that they’re not only suitable areas for a business gathering, but some of them can accommodate a full-on celebration for different occasions. All you need to do is pick a venue.



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