In today’s busy society, being a workaholic — or at least devoting much of your time and energy to work — is considered the key to success. But, if you spend most of your day and week at the office instead of at home, take note that this isn’t really a good thing. Sure, you may be impressing your boss and possibly increasing your chances of getting a raise, but you’re not exactly making yourself and your family happy. So does this mean you should quit working? Of course not! But, you should look to balance out the stress by taking frequent family vacations in Indiana resorts such as Oakwood. By doing this, you’ll get to:


Avoid burnout

Burnout doesn’t happen in an instant; if you’re constantly faced with stress, burnout can begin to slowly snowball into some pretty serious issues. When it does occur, you’ll be plagued with chronic fatigue, impaired concentration, insomnia, anxiety, and other things that prevent you from performing well.

Fortunately, you can keep burnout at bay by taking a family break every now and then. If you’d spend your vacation here at Oakwood Resort, for example, you can take advantage of the treatments offered in our full-service J-Three Salon and Spa. There aren’t many Indiana resorts that offer a spa like ours! Treat yourself to a hot stone massage or deep tissue massage. The Pier and Back Porch Restaurant and Bar offers breakfast, lunch and dinner on the edge of Lake Wawasee. There’s seasonal outdoor and indoor seating, as well as professional chefs on hand to provide you with great views and delicious food.


Improve your health

Aside from burnout, you’ll experience a wide range of health issues if you sit for hours and constantly deal with mental pressure. To prevent this from happening, take a break with your family! As mentioned above, you can get a massage to remove stress from your mind and body and enjoy better blood circulation. You can also go walking, hiking, and swimming to give your body a great workout while increasing your levels of endorphins and enjoying their “feel good” effect.


Spend time with your kids

Your children won’t stay young forever, so it’s important to make the most of the years that they’re living with you. One of the best ways to do if you live in or around Indiana is to take them to Indiana resorts that offer family friendly and nature-filled activities. Oakwood Resort gives you the chance to enjoy various activities with your kids. Some things to take advantage of for instance, you and your children can go kayaking and paddle boarding, take tours on the lake, play basketball, frisbee, and giant Jenga, and have a picnic or cookout. Of course, you’ll have numerous opportunities to make wonderful memories with your kids — memories that will stay in their hearts forever.


Rekindle the romance with your loved one

When was the last time you went on a date with your spouse or partner? If you can’t remember, you can make up for lost time during your vacation at Oakwood Resort. Get a couple’s massage so you can relax side by side, then have a candlelit dinner at our elegant restaurant and bar: The Pier and Back Porch. Finish it off with a romantic walk along our new beach area!


Going on regular family vacations is important not only to your physical, emotional, and mental health but also to the wellbeing of your family. So, carve out some time from your schedule to take a break with your loved ones and have fun as a family.