Making the Perfect Checklist for a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower can be incredibly stressful because so many things have to be perfect for the bride-to-be’s celebration. The idea of planning a bridal shower can be so daunting that it may feel impossible to know where to start. The first thing to do is physically write out a checklist for the bridal shower that consists of tasks that have to be completed for the big day. Here are some things to include on your check list to make it easy for you to plan the best party for the bride-to-be:

1. Pick a Date

Determining when the shower will be can help give you an idea of how much time you have to do things like send out invites, contact the venue where you plan on having the shower, and ordering food and such. If you are wanting to throw a surprise bridal shower, you can decide on a date and let the bride know not to make plans on that date. Maybe invite her for a trip or a weekend away with friends so her calendar is clear.

Something else to keep in mind when choosing the date for the shower is that the earlier you set a date, the better. You want to plan it to be at least two months before the day of the wedding to give you the time to plan everything. You don’t want the shower to be too close to the wedding because the bride and her party will have plenty of other things going on that require her attention.

2. Determine the Location

A bridal shower location does not have to be an elaborate, formal, or sophisticated place. You want the location to fit the formality of the shower. If it is just going to be a casual party, then a fancy place wouldn’t really go well with the casual theme. A location that is fit for both casual and formal events would be the safest bet. Oakwood Resort’s Hilltop Banquet Center provides an elegant feel while retaining much of a casual presence, too. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Wawasee, the Hilltop Banquet Center can seat up to 250 guests and is the perfect place to hold a bridal shower.

3. The Guest List

After deciding on a date and the location of the bridal shower, one of the next steps in the checklist is working on the guest list. This is where most bridal shower planners get overwhelmed because they aren’t sure how many people should be invited. The number of people who are invited should be the number of people you are comfortable planning a party for. This will help you not become too stressed out. If you are not planning a surprise bridal shower, you should consult the bride on who to invite, because you wouldn’t want to leave anybody out who the bride may want to be there.

4. The Invitations

With the invitations to the bridal shower, you have some options to choose from; deciding which options to choose all depends on how convenient they are for you, as the host and planner of the event. You can take the old-fashioned DIY approach to invitations because at the end of the day, a hand-made invitation has a certain personal feel to it. If hand-made invitations aren’t what you’re looking for, you can send e-vites. This is for when time is not on your side and you need a fast and efficient way to tell the guests about the party. The last option is that you can order invitations online and then send them out. Some services offer the option of sending them out for you, too; all you have to do is send them a list of names and addresses, and they’ll send the invitations out right from their location to guests.

There are hardly any events that compare to a wedding, but a bridal shower comes close. This is where you can celebrate the bride-to-be and the adventure she will soon be embarking on. It is incredibly important to try and plan everything so the shower will go smoothly; it also will ensure that everyone, especially the bride-to-be, has an enjoyable time. As the host of the event, it can be stressful and daunting when planning, it but if you have a checklist outlined in detail, you will have an easier and more enjoyable experience of planning the shower.

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