Location, Location, Location: Choosing a Conference Space for Maximum Attendance

Getting everyone together for a conference for work isn’t always easy. More people are working remotely than ever before across all different types of industries. But meeting in person is still an essential component of working as a team. Regardless of why you’re putting together a conference, it’s important to choose a conference space with a convenient location, so everyone in your circle can attend without going too far out of their way.

Use these event planning tips to ensure your next conference has a high turnout.

Contact Your Guests

Start by contacting everyone on your guest list to see where they plan on traveling from. Remember that many people have moved over the past couple years during the pandemic, so be sure to make sure your records are up to date.

Talk to your guests about how they feel about traveling, considering everything that’s going on in the news. Everyone should feel comfortable getting to and from the venue. Some individuals may not like the idea of getting on a plane, so consider choosing a spot that would allow them to drive.

Not everyone may be able to attend based on the location. In that case, consider prioritizing the needs of certain guests based on how instrumental they are to the conference. Coordinate with guest speakers, authors, and other experts that you hope can attend to make sure the event is worthwhile.

Pick a Central Location

Once you have an idea of from where everyone will be traveling, you can start to shop around for the best location. Keep the needs of your guests in mind when selecting a spot.
The venue should be centrally located with fast access to several cities and towns, including bus stations, highways, airports, and train routes. Give your guests as many options as possible in terms of transit.

Location is one of the most important factors when choose an event venue, but don’t forget about other amenities as well. The facility should have a long reputation of putting on all kinds of events, complete with conference rooms, food, and beverages. Don’t forget about the view. Make sure your guests have plenty of natural light to give them a break from life at the office.

Follow Up with Your Guests

Once you have at least one venue in mind, follow up with your guests to make sure they approve. Again, some people might not be able to attend. You can consider finding a venue closer to these individuals, but you likely won’t be able to please everyone.

Ask your guests how they plan on getting to the venue. Give them plenty of time to schedule their trip ahead of time. Be aware that circumstances may change as the date gets closer. Weather, infectious disease, and other unforeseen events may affect some of your guests’ travel plans. Keep in touch as often as possible to keep an accurate count of the guest list.

Spread the Word

If your event is open to the public or other members of your community, don’t forget to spread the word on social media or in person. Put up posters and flyers at other industry-related events and conferences to attract likeminded people that are interested in what you and your guests have to say.

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