Tips for Managing Your Employees in a New Work Environment

Taking your employees on a corporate retreat is a great way to rebuild your team’s camaraderie after months of working remotely. The COVID-19 pandemic upended traditional corporate life for thousands of companies, and now many of them are trying to bring their teams back onsite. Lots of companies have also had to hire new workers recently as the competition for talent heats up across the market.

A corporate retreat can help you get your staff back on track now that the worst of the pandemic appears to be over. You can take your team to an exciting outdoor destination like Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee. Learn how to keep your team focused and on task during your trip.

Send Out a Packing List

Your corporate retreat can be whatever you want it to be. You can keep your workers active by taking them on a hike or scheduling a rousing game of capture the flag. Or you can focus on more traditional work by holding meetings and doing creative exercises with your team. Either way, you need to make sure your crew has everything they need to participate. Send out a packing list to your group to help them prepare for the trip.

If you plan on doing work during your stay, everyone will need to bring their laptop computer, phone, or table as well as a charger. They may also need additional monitors, keyboards, and other accessories to work on location. Give your employees as much information about the resort as possible beforehand, so they know what to expect before they arrive.

If you plan on spending time outdoors, find activities that everyone can enjoy. Oakwood Resort has everything you need to enjoy the area, including sports equipment and our tour boat for getting out on the water.
Make a Schedule

It’s best to keep come up with a schedule for each day of your trip just like you would at the office. This time should be about bringing your employees closer together, so look for ways to strengthen these relationships. You can have everyone try a new activity together, such as giant Jenga, or prepare a role-playing exercise. Be sure to make time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consider having your workers eat as a group at the onsite café or restaurant. You can always pad the schedule to give your employees some time to themselves. They may want to explore the area on their own when they don’t have to be in a meeting. Be realistic when setting your schedule. Research travel times to get a sense of how much time you will need on the day.

Find a Proper Work Environment

You also need to make sure your employees have a space to work during the trip. There should be a conference room or work area with enough space for your teams, including outlets, proper lighting, and comfortable seating. The resort should be quiet with few distractions to keep your employees on task during the day.

Oakwood Resort has a spacious conference room to help you make the most of your next corporate retreat in Indiana. The entire resort has lots of outlets and plenty of natural light for a relaxing work environment. Schedule your trip with us today to get the gang back together again.