Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Location for Your Team

Businesses large and small are looking for ways to keep their teams together during the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home has its benefits, but many companies depend on in-person interaction as a part of their operations. After a long year of being stuck at home, it may be time to bring your workers together for a corporate retreat; but planning an in-person get-together during a pandemic can be tricky. Use this guide to find a safe home for your corporate outing.

Convenient Location

Traveling during a pandemic can be daunting for some people. Choose a central location for your next corporate retreat, so your employees don’t have to travel out of their way. Health experts agree driving is usually much safer than taking a train, bus, or plane. The venue should be easily accessible via highways and thruways. Try to find a spot that’s close to major cities and towns to cut down on the commute. Talk to your employees about their travel preferences before booking a location to make sure everyone can get to their destination safely and on time.

Located less than a one-hour drive from Fort Wayne or South Bend Indiana, and about two hours from Chicago or Indianapolis, Oakwood Resort makes it easy to meet in person during the pandemic.

Adequate Safety Precautions

Coronavirus safety regulations tend to vary from state to state and county to county. Some venues may only allow 25% to 50% capacity, so take these rules into consideration before making your reservation.

When bringing your employees onsite, maintain social distancing inside the venue. Your workers should be able to book their own rooms if they plan on staying overnight. Use floor stickers and place markers to keep your team at least six feet apart while indoors. You can also set up plastic dividers inside the space to reduce airflow from one person to the next.

Meeting outside is always safer than staying indoors. Find a venue with ample outdoor space to give your team more room to move around. Your team will be able to co-mingle and brainstorm without having to worry as much about contracting the coronavirus. Use heat lamps and tents to keep your team warm outside during the off-season.

Contact the event venue ahead of time to learn more about their safety guidelines. The staff should always be wearing masks, while limiting in-person contact with your guests. Learn more about the venue’s ventilation system to keep the air flowing indoors.

Remember that these rules and regulations will likely change before the big day arrives, so be sure to coordinate with the venue as the date gets closer.

Oakwood Resort is committed to keeping the community safe during these difficult times. We encourage our guests to maintain social distancing in the conference space, lobby, banquet space, bar, and restaurant. We have over 27 acres for you to explore. It’s the perfect environment for a large group.

Variety of Activities

There’s no point in putting together a corporate retreat unless your team has something to do. Remote work can start to feel monotonous after 12 months, especially if your workers are used to working in person. Sitting inside all day isn’t healthy, either.

Use your next corporate outing to shake things up. From taking a long boat ride to sports and other team building activities, your retreat should be packed full of fun. Give your employees a range of options to choose from, so everyone can get in on the action.

These activities should be designed to bring your team closer together, stimulate trust, creativity, and collaboration. Everyone could use some much-needed fresh air, so find a venue that has everything you need in one convenient location.

Oakwood Resort is the number-one corporate retreat destination in the Northern Indiana area. It sits right on Lake Wawasee, so your team can get out on the water for a change of scenery. We have dozens of games and activities to choose from, including boat tours, arcade games, fitness rooms, bicycles, and so much more.


Start a new chapter with a corporate retreat at Oakwood Resort. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodations.