Team building activities, although fun and educational, can be tiring. Good thing there are food and snacks that will energize employees and get them ready for the next round of presentation, talks, and activities.

The choice of snacks and meals these days are no longer usual and ordinary, which many team building participants would be very happy to know. Culinary offerings are now chosen based on evolving taste, the kind of nourishments they offer, and many other considerations.

Depending on the event provider or banquet space you hired, some of your culinary options may include:

Regional specialties

Local cuisine or food sourced from local farms have become the trend in venues and catering teams. Whether served during a corporate retreat or a similar event, regional specialties allow guests and participants to experience and sample a delectable spread of homegrown cuisine. In some cases, seasonal food items are served.

Serving local dishes is also something local providers take pride of, especially if they get positive and glowing feedback in return. Who doesn’t want their regional offering to be talked about long after your team building exercises have ended?

Healthy and sustainable menu

More and more banquet space and corporate retreat providers are integrating sustainability into their event menus, resulting in an increase in the demand for sustainable food and healthy menu items. Call it food consciousness, but such corporate events no longer focus on team building activities alone but the event as a whole. If a company so desires, everything can be healthy and sustainable from the food to the choice of activities.

Portable food options

Most of the time, delegates want to mingle and network during meals. This will be easily accomplished if they have the option to grab food and walk around. Portable food is especially ideal when the event schedule is hectic or when delegates only need to grab something to refuel while listening to a presentation or working the floor.

Traditional favorites with a twist

If you’ve attended more team buildings than you can count, eating wraps and sandwiches have probably become the norm and expected. Venue and catering teams these days, however, have decided to put a twist on traditional favorites, adding unexpected flavors or creating unexpected pairings. Potato chips and champagne, anyone? How about some blackberries and honey for dessert?

Local beverages

If the conference space hired is in a location with local estate wines and craft beers, it is only logical and cost-effective to serve drinks and beverages from local sources. Why import wine and beer from other destinations when it is readily available within the area? Serving local craft beers and estate wines will give delegates and team-building participants a true taste of the region’s hospitality and culture.

If you are now looking for a conference space or event venue that serves such food and beverage, look no further than Oakwood Resort, the authority on corporate events and healthy local menu. With elegant rooms to go with the banquet spaces available, team building can be fun, stress-free, and productive for everyone.