In event planning, it’s not enough to just get the venue right, you also have to consider other aspects, including what would make memorable takeaways for guests? While you could always go the traditional route and give away items such as pens, tote bags, or other supplies, you can make much more of an impact by giving away items that guests can use in everyday life, not just office life.

Before going into specific items you can put inside goodie bags, here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Consider your audience. It makes more sense to give away items that have some relevance to attendees. Yes, pen and paper might do for those who work in corporate offices but this gift item has been done lots of times before. Try thinking outside the box. For instance, goodies given at a conference for dentists could take the form of a tooth or feature tools that dentists use.
  • Keep logos small. You want an item that people wouldn’t be ashamed of bringing everywhere. Splashing a huge logo onto a gift bag isn’t the way to go. Nor is it a good idea to wrap a company name or brand across an item. Keep everything small – guests get the idea that this is a gift to remember them by.
  • Stick to travel size items. Your guests might be headed to the airport soon after the event, and it would be nice if your gift didn’t cause them to exceed baggage limitations. It’s not about making a statement anymore, but being memorable. Plus, keeping the size small allows you to use less tables within the conference space.

All that said, here are some goodie bag ideas:

Digital gifts

Everything is going digital these days, why not your gifts as well? There are lots of digital gift ideas to consider: an ebook, a digital download voucher, and a free trial for a product are just a few.

Sweet treats

This may fall into the “unoriginal” category of corporate gifts, but it’s one that hasn’t lost its appeal over the years. You can even customize the wrapper to feature information about the event. Apart from including it inside a goodie bag, the treats can also be placed on each table inside the banquet space. Just make sure to pick a nice treat, not those that can be bought at the local drug store.

Portable chargers

Battery juice can run out especially now that smartphones are relied on for almost everything. A portable charger allows smartphones to be charged without needing an electrical socket.

Earphones or headphones

Many people listen to music or podcasts when traveling, especially long travel. What better way to increase brand awareness by giving guests earphones branded with your logo that they will use in public?

Budget, of course, has a big say in what gets put inside a goodie bag. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from coming up with great ideas. You want guests to remember you and this would be highly unlikely if you give them unoriginal items.

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