Corporate retreats in Syracuse (or anywhere near Ft. Wayne, Indiana) are all about your ROI; you want the time, money, and effort that you invest in your employees to churn out positive employee relationships, high employee satisfaction, and more in order to grow your company. The location you choose for your retreat can make or break that growth. It’s more critical than many people realize to choose a location for your corporate retreat that suits more than just your budget – it must also suit your goals, your planned activities, and the needs of your attendees.

One of the most idyllic types of locations for corporate retreats in Indiana is at a hotel and resort – this is true whether you’ll need to reserve a block of rooms for your attendees or not. Full-service hotels have tons of offerings right on site that range from outdoor activities and indoor game rooms to on-staff event planners, spacious meeting spaces, and restaurants/catering options as well.

It’s not All about the Business

Considering a hotel is even more important if your retreat will be a bit of a distance from the business location – which retreats often are. It’s a good idea to make sure you choose a retreat location that offers privacy for your group and at the same time, access to activities nearby. No corporate retreat should be strictly business. Give your attendees opportunities to have fun and unwind while they get to know their coworkers better, and they’re sure to have a memorable time.

Wining and Dining without having to Leave

You’ll also want a location that can provide food and drink for everyone that is delicious, especially if some attendees have special diet restrictions. The same holds true with physical ability accommodations. If even one of your attendees requires access to an elevator, ADA-compliant restrooms, or chairs in meeting rooms that are not attached to tables, you need to ensure that your retreat location near South Bend can provide these things.

Entertainment that is Close

You won’t want your guests to have to wander far from the location in order to shop, eat, or find entertainment, so you will need to find a location for your corporate retreat that offers these things either right on the premises or very nearby. When attendees wander off for things they need in between meetings, the farther they have to go to find what they need, the greater the chances become of them running late or having a mishap that causes them to miss a retreat event altogether. A resort in Indiana for your local event will be able to offer everything you and your guests require, without the travel.

Convenience and Space

Consider ahead of time the meeting essentials you’ll need for your corporate retreat in Syracuse. You’ll need a location that is conveniently located near highways and even airports, if applicable. In addition, if you opt to hold your event at a hotel near South Bend, you should be able to have the space you need for breakout sessions, think tanks, board meetings, meet-and-greets, and recesses.

The Little Things that are Big Things

You can’t hold any kind of a meeting or conduct any corporate business without things like reliable, fast Internet, free Wi-Fi, computer access, maybe digital projectors, speakers, whiteboards, pens and markers, blackout shades, and things that are similar! Be sure the corporate retreat location you choose can provide you with these things or if you can bring your own, make sure the venue can accommodate you with ample electrical outlets, enough lighting, a good sound system, and more.


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