Etiquette Tips for Brunching in Fashion

When someone asks you to brunch, there may or may not be any speculation about what that entails: It’s simply a meal in the late morning or early afternoon, right? Although that may be true, there is proper etiquette that comes along with brunch that may not be as common as it should be. It’s important to know what that etiquette is if you want to really brunch in fashion! Here are ten tips for brunching etiquette to keep in mind:

1. Never Seat Yourself Before the Restaurant is Open

To make sure that the restaurant can provide you with the best service possible, servers, kitchen staff, and bartenders all need every second to get everything ready. That being said, if the restaurant opens for brunch at 10 a.m., that is precisely when it is okay for you and your party to seat yourself. Insisting on sitting down before the time the restaurant is open will not bode well for the preparedness of the service. If you are in the Syracuse, Indiana area and you’re looking for an elegant brunch experience, The Pier & Back Porch restaurant at Oakwood Resort opens at 7:00 a.m. Monday-Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 8:00 in the morning.

2. Don’t Go Overboard on Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless Brunch is exactly what it sounds like it is, and this usually includes bottomless mimosas! Surely you are going to want to get your money’s worth and take full advantage of this, but it is considered bad brunch etiquette to continue heckling your server repeatedly for more mimosas. A great rule of thumb is: There should only be as many empty mimosa glasses as there are people at the table.

3. Never Tip Less

Somehow, somewhere, the mentality that it is okay to tip less because it is “just brunch” gained momentum. However, this is (to say the least) considered a habit in very poor taste. Treat brunch like you would any other meal for which you go out, which means tipping a justified amount to the server.

4. Never “Camp”

After finishing the meal and paying the check, it is not unheard of to stick around and chat for a little while with your party. However, the longer you stay, the less time the staff has to clean your table and get it ready for the next group to come in. This is especially problematic when the restaurant is busy. If you take notice of how busy it is and the server has cleared the table of everything except water glasses, it is time to let the server finish cleaning the table for the next party.

5. Never Split the Check Between Multiple Credit Cards

With a meal as popular as brunch, especially on Sundays, the restaurant is most assuredly busy. Nothing will slow a server down more than having to take the time to split the check between multiple cards. If the party insists on splitting the bill and the majority have cash, it is better etiquette to pay that way.

6. Don’t Order from The Dinner Menu

No matter how appetizing the dinner menu is, do not order from it at brunch. At this time of day, kitchens are not prepared for dinner, which means that if you order a dinner meal, they are either not able to prepare it or it will take an exceptionally long time to do so. Why? Because most restaurants switch out the staff between brunch and dinner, so chances are pretty good that your brunch staff has literally no idea how to prepare dinner menu items.

7. Asking for a Frappuccino is a no-no

With a restaurant coffee menu, oftentimes you’ll be able to see right on that menu what the policy is for substitutions. Ordering something that is not on the menu, like perhaps a Frappuccino, is bad brunch etiquette. The restaurant may not even have the ingredients required to grant your request. Ordering off menu is always difficult on staff, especially when the staff is already extremely busy.

8. Do Not Make a Big Deal About Upcharges

In the event that you have been overcharged for something at brunch, getting angry with the server is not a fashionable thing to do by any means. The best way to make sure you won’t be charged extra for something is to talk to your server before you order. This is both great brunch etiquette and it will save time, money, and frustration – for yourself and your server.

9. Building Your Own Brunch Plate is Bad Etiquette

Ordering whatever you like and making it sound like a meal is never a good idea, especially with brunch. These “special orders” slow down the kitchen and cooks who are already working on food tickets, who will then have to stop in order to fill your order. Your meal may not even turn out the way you like it, since it isn’t on the menu.

10. Don’t Be an Egg Diva

Everyone who eats eggs prefers them a certain way, and there really is nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re at brunch and the menu says the eggs will be poached, that’s exactly how the kitchen staff makes them. Ordering the dish that comes with poached eggs but instead ordering the eggs “this way” and “that way” is surely not the way to brunch in style.

Brunching is a great way to meet up with old friends or treat yourself to a rather stylish late morning. However, there are certain things you do at brunch and there are things you should not do. Knowing proper etiquette will not only impress members of your party, but will also motivate them to follow your example.

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