There are few things that can compare to the first time you master the skill of riding a bike. It was likely the first time you were able to multitask, combining a careful sense of balance with speed, agility, and maneuverability. Of course, you weren’t aware you were doing those things; your mind was intensely focused on the thrill of the ride. For a child, a bicycle also represented their first experience with freedom and independence. Once you knew how to ride, the only thing you wanted to focus on was when and where to spend that newfound freedom.


Since then, you’ve been full of ideas of places to go where you can repeat the experience. You’ve decided to kick it up a notch and discover some of the scenic biking trails around Lake Wawasee. Here, among the hundreds of miles of trails, you will find some of the most breathtaking natural scenery you can find.


This is where you can also take part in the annual Tours de Lake Bike Races held each year in the summer. It is one of the best ways to see the countryside. You can take a leisurely ride through the area or you can give it your all by putting on your most competitive spirit. In addition to rounding Lake Wawasee on your bike, you can also take in the sights of the eight magnificent lakes in the county. Participants get to choose between the 25k, 50k, or the 100k; any one of them will allow you to take in all of the natural beauty of its surrounding.


If racing is not your thing, there is also the Bike for Hospice program that works hard to aid the Non-Profit Hospice of the Calumet area. The organization has been serving the Northwest region of Indiana as well as its surrounding communities for nearly forty years. The proceeds they receive from participants are used to support their mission to provide care for all those who are struggling with a life-threatening illness.


Their Hospice Hustle for example, offers bikers a choice to ride 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles through the scenic rural trails of Lake County Indiana. This year, they have joined together with Trek Joyriders to offer a new family-friendly 15-mile trail ride so everyone young or old will be able to enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Wawasee and support their community at the same time.


Every year, more and more people are learning they can have the wealth of natural beauty that surrounds them and give valuable support to their community at the same time. They travel from the far reaches of the country to take part in these and similar events. When they arrive, they want to stay in someplace that will allow them the comforts of home, and at the same time, put them right at the heart of all the activities.


For that reason, many choose to stay at Oakwood Resort. Its location, which is right on the banks of Lake Wawasee, gives them the comfort they need and easy access to all the community has to offer.