Located right in the middle of Indiana is the capital city of Indianapolis which is the largest city in the state. Known as the Crossroads of America for all the interstates that meet near the city center. Being the cultural and economic center of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, it is home to Fortune 500 companies, Fortune 1000 companies as well as other notable businesses.

So what happens when any one of the hundreds of companies in the city needs a venue for their meetings that are out of the city but not too far away? Sitting on the edge of Lake Wawasee, Oakwood Resort can surely heed the call. Already known as one of the best vacation spots in Indiana, the resort also has amenities that cater very well to the needs of corporate clients.

But apart from its reputation as a popular destination not too far from the city, what else makes Oakwood Resort one of the best corporate meeting locations near Indianapolis?

A beautiful 127 acres

Business meetings are formal settings where people come together to discuss a series of items pertaining to the betterment of their company. It can be a stressful environment to be in given that it’s difficult for everyone to agree on one idea. How nice would it be then to be able to step out for a bit and see such wonderful sights?

Oakwood Resort covers 127 acres and is a popular setting for weddings. This alone tells you the beauty that can be found within Oakwood Resort. While we do cater to many that have a passion for the outdoors, those who come here for conferences will appreciate all that Oakwood has to offer.

It is located close to major areas

Oakwood Resort is located less than three hours away from Indianapolis and the great city of Chicago making it one of the best corporate meeting locations near Indianapolis. It’s also less than an hour from Fort Wayne and South Bend. Businesses located in these areas will find the resort’s location a convenience. Plus, the resort is not far from Goshen and Warsaw which have their own set of amenities and attractions worth visiting.

It has flexible Corporate Meeting Locations

Currently, Oakwood Resort has four conference rooms. Each have a different seating capacity depending on how you want the tables and chairs arranged. Not only that, the rooms easily merge should you want a bigger conference to comfortably hold all the meeting’s attendees.

It offers catering services

Meetings are synonymous with food, be it snacks or a full meal. Oakwood maintains its own in-house kitchen staff. Corporate clients don’t need to look elsewhere for meals to be provided. Just inform the chef what drinks and food are needed and the kitchen staff will take care of the rest.

Business meetings have a serious air to them. The tone is formal but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun and relaxing. Business and pleasure mixed right makes for a more wonderful experience. Consider Oakwood Resort as one of the best corporate meeting locations near Indianapolis that you were looking for.