A company retreat doesn’t have to be a boring affair. It also doesn’t have to be the same every time. How else can employees look forward to the next one if what’s on offer has always been the same?

That said, here are some ideas that will surely inject some fun into any corporate outing:


Having fun at a corporate retreat doesn’t mean having to spend a whole lot of money. With a game of Jeopardy, all you need are some cards and participants. Of course, time and effort will certainly go into crafting the clues and categories but they don’t necessarily have to be on level with the actual game show.

There are different ways to go about this: using actual general knowledge categories or going for categories that are related to the company and its products. The latter can be an opportunity for other members of the company to get to know about the different departments or the company’s own history.

Family Feud

A company retreat is a social gathering and sometimes outings like these are done to encourage a team building atmosphere. Depending on how large a company is, there will be different departments and they can be pitted against each other in this guessing game.

This is a fun game to play that will also give insight into the organization’s population. Family Feud asks each “family member” to venture a guess based on a particular survey question. Questions can be very general in nature like Activities Done in Hot Weather.

Again, a bit of time and effort is needed to come up with possible survey questions, send them out to employees, and tabulate the results.

You don’t need to have the fancy equipment used on the show as well. A laptop, a projector, a speaker, and some sounds will do fine.


This is another trivia game that can be played at a corporate outing. It is another quiz show, this time a British one, where contestants seek to find the most obscure answer to a general knowledge question. The goal is to score the lowest points possible.

It works like this: a general question is handed out in a survey with all correct answers tallied. The score will reflect the number of people who correctly answered a question.

For example, the question is about Albums Released in the 70s. Contestants might know the popular ones but those are likely to garner high scores. The trick is to find a correct answer that many don’t know of.


Activities in a corporate retreat don’t always have to be quiz-related; they can be physical activities as well! Tug-of-War is a popular option and it forces people to work together to achieve a common goal.

Karaoke Contest

Sometimes, activities at company outings don’t have to be a show of smarts or strengths; sometimes, you can have the best of times just by singing some of your favorite songs.

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