You can almost hear people groan every time you announce something related to corporate events. But it’s probably more painful for you planning the event, than it is for them. So why not rework the whole company retreat idea?

Corporate retreats are important, for the simple reason that they can help boost productivity. With the right activities planned, they can promote cooperation, improve morale, encourage better communication, and provide employees an opportunity to relax and unwind together. The operative phrase, however, is ‘right activities’. So failing to plan can prove disastrous.

Therefore, if you don’t want your next corporate gathering to be unproductive, you should consider the following for your next company retreat idea near Indianapolis.


Get everyone involved

Hate planning company events? You don’t need to do it all on your own. The very employees who will participate in the activity may have some better ideas than you can think up on your own. Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes. Discuss with your staff what they want to experience at their next corporate retreat. Get them involved, and they will definitely enjoy the overall process and the event itself. You don’t need to speak with everyone, maybe with just the team leaders, or a certain group of people who can help you plan the event.


Choose the best speakers

Keynote speakers make a corporate retreat productive, especially if employees can take home some valuable lessons afterwards. But, really, do you need someone to speak in front of an audience for 45 minutes to an hour? If you can get someone to speak to 10% of the audience and then have them summarize the rest in the most beneficial way, you’re going to get the message across better if you have a large company. Make sure to do your research on a good keynote speaker beforehand.


Choose activities wisely

A corporate retreat should be educational in a way that people learn something new, instead of just going through a refresher course. So if you’re in Indiana and looking for a new cutting-edge company retreat idea near Indianapolis that will not only educate employees, but also refresh your body and minds, head over here to Oakwood Resort. You could have staff work on case studies that are normally done in business schools. Start with something that will put your competitors into perspective.

For instance, ask employees to make a list of attributes that your competition has. This should be a good wake-up call for everyone involved. It will also show everyone what needs to be done to succeed in their respective roles.


Spend a bit

Your company retreat should reflect what your organization stands for. So why hold-out on your employees? You don’t need to go overboard with the budget, but you should splurge on some of the finer things. This excludes cheap entertainment, some really bad Hawaiian shirts, and a menu that only a handful of people would appreciate.

If you aren’t looking to overspend, choose a venue that is sophisticated to begin with. You should look for a location that can provide you the best things a corporate event needs. Oakwood Resort has an upscale banquet center and the finest of accommodations, amenities and menu that will make a corporate retreat talked about for months or years to come. Staying with Oakwood Resort is the best company retreat idea for those near Indianapolis.



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