While every company owner in existence is focused on facets of business like increasing revenue, improving the bottom line, and expanding their footprint in their respective markets or niches, it’s also just as critical – if not more so – that they focus on their employees.

Employees who know they are valued, appreciated, comfortable, and satisfied with wages and benefits are far more likely to really care about improving the profit margins and growth for the business they work for. Every business owner should be focused on motivating their employees to work better, smarter, and harder. A huge part of that begins with employees who feel like more than “workers”. They need to feel like friends and family, and that’s why corporate retreats at the best hotel in Indiana are essential.

Encouraging the Move from Awkward to Essential

When you host a company retreat for your employees, it will be the most important thing you can do to help cement your business relationship with them. Employees are the #1 asset of businesses – without them, most corporations and companies would cease to exist. Think back to your first day at a new job somewhere – chances are that at some point in the beginning, you felt nervous, awkward, and maybe even scared and lonely.

Feelings like these are enough to make many employees withdraw and not give top effort to the company. Some new employees never move out of the “inexperienced newbie” stage, and they end up leaving to find work elsewhere. Corporate retreats are great tools for encouraging friendships to form and barriers to come down as everyone gets the chance to unwind and have fun. Special team-building activities encourage trust and cooperation and by default, everyone in attendance becomes more comfortable around each other. The best part – and ultimate goal – is for that newfound trust and cooperation to continue to grow and extend into the workplace.

Oftentimes, especially with new employees, it’s difficult for people to speak their minds and offer new ideas. New ideas are the backbone of any successful company, and without them, it’s virtually impossible for any business to grow. A corporate retreat may be just what your company needs to encourage your people to speak up. It’s a great opportunity for staff to express their ideas, goals, opinions, and fears. It’s easier for people to do so outside the workplace in an environment that is fun, relaxed, and non-stressful.

Organizing Your Company Retreat at Our Event Venue

Location is critical because it needs to set the right atmosphere for success. While everyone participates in various team-building activities, they all need to be comfortable, safe, and relaxed. Oakwood Resort is the ideal hotel near South Bend, Ft. Wayne, Goshen, and Warsaw that has hosted hundreds of events onsite, from weddings to business conferences to corporate outings and more. We have a large array of conference room rental options and meeting spaces, we can cater your meals, plan and set up activities, and make sure each and every attendee has a comfortable hotel room, too.

Our staff is working tirelessly to follow CDC guidelines when it comes to disinfecting, cleaning, and COVID-19 safety protocols. When you come for your retreat, be sure to maintain safe distances and take advantage of our beautiful outdoor spaces to stay safe. We make event planning easy – contact us at Oakwood Resort today and start planning your training seminars, corporate outing, and more to grow your business and improve your bottom line.