Are you looking for corporate meeting locations near Chicago and its surrounding areas? Are you searching for a meeting place that’s not just ideal for business but for relaxation as well? If that is the case, the conference rooms at Oakwood Resort are the ideal fit for you.

Located less than three hours away from Chicago, Oakwood Resort is situated on the edge of Lake Wawasee, the largest natural lake in Indiana. Centrally located, the resort is close to many major areas, including Grand Rapids and Cincinnati. Oakwood is also less than an hour from Fort Wayne and South Bend and is just minutes from Warsaw or Goshen.

Who wouldn’t enjoy 27 acres of pure wonder? Here at Oakwood, guests are treated to panoramic views and sunsets unlike any other Indiana Resort. Here, visitors experience just how beautiful the lake life truly is.

And that is true even if the purpose of coming to Oakwood is for a business meeting. While the resort has been known for catering to weddings and weekend getaways, it has facilities for those who are looking for corporate meeting locations in the Chicago area.

Oakwood Resort’s Corporate Meeting Locations

Currently, Oakwood Resort has four conference rooms capable of carrying a varied number of occupants. The rooms can be arranged according to your convenience: banquet, theater, classroom, U-shape and boardroom. Each arrangement alters the number of people who can occupy the space.

The four conference rooms aren’t just individual spaces unto themselves: they can be merged to form a larger room. Whether you prefer booking two rooms or maybe even three, this can be accommodated. Even booking all four conference rooms at once is very much possible.

Why Oakwood Resort as a Corporate Meeting Location?

Here are the reasons you should book a conference room at Oakwood Resort:

  • The resort itself is beautiful. Yes, you will most likely spend most of your time locked between four walls discussing important business matters. But wouldn’t it be great if your senses were greeted with such arresting sights moments before you talk about items in your agenda?
  • The rooms can be merged. This option is great when a large number of attendees are required for the meeting. The four conference rooms in Oakwood can be merged into one large unit. Or if you just want two rooms merged, that can be arranged as well.
  • The rooms can be arranged in different styles. Tables and chairs can be arranged accordingly depending on the kind of meeting you’re going to hold. For instance, the room can assume the feel of a boardroom or a classroom if you wish.
  • The resort is located close to several major areas. It is just minutes away from cities in Indiana like Goshen and Warsaw. In addition, it’s not far away from South Bend, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis and Chicago. This way, guests can experience not just the best of Oakwood but of its surrounding areas as well!

So if you are looking for corporate meeting locations Chicago and surrounding areas, consider coming to Oakwood Resort.