Mixing Fun with Business

When looking for a conference room rental for your company, you’ll want a location that will have different activities available for your attendees to do in between meetings. From a game room to walking paths, Oakwood Resort has a wide variety of offerings to keep everyone busy and having a great time when they aren’t in a meeting. Here are six reasons why your next conference should be held at Oakwood Resort:

1. Catered Meals

When renting a conference room at Oakwood Resort you can let us take care of meals for your whole crew! We offer a huge variety of catered meals you can choose for everyone to enjoy before, during, or after your meetings. This is a great way to mix business with fun and it will keep the attendees more focused since they won’t have to worry about finding their next meal – they won’t have to sit through the conference with their stomachs grumbling, either!

2. Outdoor Activities

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, there are plenty of activities at Oakwood for those who want to enjoy the weather and want to spend time outside to revitalize their bodies before, in between, and after meetings. At Oakwood Resort you can find:

  • Walking paths
  • Kayak rental
  • Basketball courts
  • On-site swimming pier/new beach area
  • Picnic and cookout area
  • Nearby shopping

Whether you want to decompress after a meeting or get energized before the next one, Oakwood’s outdoor activities are a great option.

3. Oakwood Tour Boat

Along with the numerous outdoor activities Oakwood Resort offers, there is one that stands out: the renowned Oakwood Boat Tour. This boat tour, available from the 3rd week of May through September, takes you on Lake Wawasee to enjoy the time on the lake and take in the gorgeous views on the water. What better way could there be to wind down after a day of meetings than by relaxing on a gorgeous lake?

4. Fitness Room

Fitness plays a large part in many people’s lives, and when they have to be away from home for business, it can be difficult to still exercise and keep up with their routines in a new setting. With the Oakwood Resort fitness room, there is everything you need to be able to keep up your gym routine. Our equipment is top-notch, and there’s plenty for people of all fitness levels to enjoy.

5. Game Room

Everyone has something they enjoy that helps them decompress after a long, stressful day. Some play music, some work out, some watch tv, and some play video games. Equipped with classics like Pac-Man and plenty more, the game room at Oakwood Resort will surely be the spot for the video game lovers to have fun spending their time before or after a meeting.

6. Variety with Conference Rooms

When thinking about a conference room, one might envision a bland, stark room with a long table with swivel chairs. At Oakwood Resort, we offer different types of conference rooms for different purposes, business-related or not. That way, there is a type of conference room for any event that calls for one. We can rearrange the room any way you need, and we’ll be happy to supply any equipment, furnishings, and refreshments for your conference that we can.

Searching for a conference room rental can be difficult. You want the attendees to be focused and professional, but you also want them to enjoy the weekend away to promote a team spirit within the group. At Oakwood Resort there are so many things members of your company can do to enjoy time outside of the conference room, ensuring that the weekend is a success.

To find out more information or if you have any questions, contact us today.