How Businesses Show Employees They are Important

Keeping the employees of your company happy and motivated can be a difficult task because not all employees are the same. All of your employees may not respond to one type of praise, so you have to find different ways of showing them that you are grateful for them choosing your business as their workplace. With unemployment currently at an all-time low, show your employees that you know they could give their talents to another company but you’re thankful they are with yours.

Why is it so important to praise employees?

Showing an employee that the time and effort they put into their work is valued and appreciated can help their future work ethic. It can also be a huge motivator. If an employee sees a co-worker receiving praise for doing a stellar job on a project, it might motivate the other employee to work harder on future assignments. Following are five dynamic ways you can praise your employees.

1. Give Mini-Gifts

This one is probably one of the most common ways to show employees their work is valued. If you know your employee’s hobbies or favorite stores, you can make the gift more personal, and that goes a long way. It shows that you have put the time in to get to know them. Movie passes and gift cards to one of their favorite stores are always a safe choice if you are not sure what the employee likes.

2. Remember Their Anniversary Date

This probably does not seem like a big deal, but remembering when your employees started working at your company opens the door to many different possibilities: you can give them a memento or card on their work anniversary or you can celebrate the yearly anniversary of an employee. Have a little office party, or spring for lunch that day! This tells the employee that the time they have given to the company, along with the work they have done in the past year, is much appreciated.

3. Be Surprising

Giving an employee a gift on their birthday or their company anniversary is thoughtful, but a surprise present “just because” will have an even greater impact on them and their work ethic. Surprising your employees with a treat on a “regular, ordinary day” like donuts in the morning or even letting them leave an hour early with pay can give them a boost for quite a while, and could very well motivate them to continue working hard.

4. Public Recognition

Displaying your prize employee’s accomplishments on social media or during a meeting will result in a boost of morale. Other employees will see that you notice and applaud extra efforts and make it known that they are appreciated. While this is a great method for showing an employee’s efforts are recognized, be aware, however, that not everyone enjoys public commendation. Some people have no issues with their praises mentioned publicly, while there are others who are not fond of it.

5. Company Retreats

Sometimes the thing a group of employees needs the most is a company retreat. If you had a successful quarter and or pleased with the effort and results of your employees’ work, a company retreat is a great way to show your employees their work was above and beyond. Finding corporate retreat locations is easy; Oakwood Resort has so much to offer that there is truly something for everyone at the resort, no matter their particular tastes, interests, or preferences. You’ll want to choose a retreat location that is flexible and notorious for hosting spectacular retreats, and Oakwood Resort fits the bill.

Why a corporate retreat?

One of the benefits of company retreats is the improvement of team cohesion. Choosing fun activities to do while on the retreat that requires teamwork will help your employees work better together and form trust and confidence amongst each other. They’ll have the opportunity to get to know one another in an environment that is away from the daily grind, they’ll be able to relax and unwind, and even become friends with their co-workers. Working with friends and people you trust is essential for a team-oriented work environment that is enjoyable for employees.

Another benefit to holding a company retreat is that you’ll still be able to get important “work” done with your employees without it feeling like actual work. Still, hold a meeting in the morning but the rest of the day, let them focus on picnics, the boat tours, shopping, and more, for example. Stay a few days, have employees bring their families, and end the retreat with a party for them all! Getting back to the workplace, you will be able to see a positive difference when your team comes in contact with a challenge that calls for them to work together.

There are many different ways to show your employees that their time and work are appreciated. In the end, what it comes down to is the employee – without your employees, how would your business fare, anyway? Corporate retreats are always a safe bet when you want to praise your employees by offering them a little getaway.

If you’re interested in corporate retreat locations and you’re around the Syracuse, Indiana area, keep in mind that Oakwood Resort has been a popular choice for corporate retreats for dozens of companies and hundreds of employees. We know exactly how to help you plan! Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.