How to Promote Your Event

After putting in countless hours setting up the venue and setting a date for your event, the last step is telling people about it. For most people, this is the hardest part but in reality, there are so many different ways for you to get the word out and tell people about your event! From computers to cellphones to good old-fashioned word-of-mouth, you’ve got plenty of great options, and it’s best to combine a few of them to cover all your bases. Here are ways you can market your event easily and effectively:

1. Pictures and Bios of the Speakers

It is always nice to put a face to a name, and when it comes to listening to strangers speak at an event, knowing a little information about them ahead of time makes them more relatable. Don’t just list the speakers of your event, include a photo of them on your website, social media, and flyers. This will help draw crowds to the event, especially if a well-known and or well-respected speaker is going to make an appearance. People tend to notice photos before they notice written words, and you want to grab their attention right away.

2. Putting Links in Social Media Bios

When you are planning a large event, you are going to want all your social media bios to link right to your online event page, as opposed to your website. You would be surprised how effective this method is. It makes it so easy for people who are curious about the event to find out more information about it. When people have to follow a link to a website and navigate through it just to find information about a specific event, they’ll often just leave the website and move on.

3. Share Photos

This type of marketing actually happens during events. As an event is going on, share photos of what is happening on social medial and tag your company and your upcoming events in them, along with the people and or attractions in the photos. Don’t forget the hashtag!

4. Email During the Weekend

Since relatively few companies send emails during the weekend, this is the perfect opportunity to do so promoting your event. When potential attendees see emails talking about an event during the work week, they may think it is spam; they are often also too busy with other concerns to really pay attention to your email. If they see the invite on the weekend there is a better chance that they will be more active to read it and quite possibly attend the event.

5. Videos Related to the Event

Post videos related to your event on your website and in social media, and also provide a link to videos in your emails – they don’t even have to be emails that are specifically about the event. You can promote events with a simple link and a call to action at the bottom of every business email. These could be videos that are short interviews of the speakers or just a short promotional video. If you put up the video on your social media page, make sure you use the hashtag corresponding to your event; no matter where you post these videos, however, be sure to provide the link to your event page as well. Encourage others to share social media posts for a chance to win a prize, and you’d be surprised at how many people will do so.

Getting the word out that you are holding an event can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Following these marketing tips will ensure that your next event turnout will be a big one!

For the early stages of event planning, finding the right venue can be a challenge. It is ideal to have a space that can be used for many different functions to ensure that it will be the right fit for your event. Contact us today for more information regarding our event space at Oakwood Resort.