There are tons of items that need attention on every wedding day checklist; one of the most important, without question, is finding the perfect location. There are plenty of places that claim to be the best Fort Wayne wedding venues, so how do you choose one? A study done in 2018 by The Knot found that booking a venue is the single most expensive decision couples make – so you’ll want it to be perfect.

You’ll need a location near Fort Wayne, Indiana that is spacious and affordable. You’ll need to choose from a variety of full-service banquet halls or event venues that offer plenty of amenities for you, your wedding party, and your guests. While many factors must come together to create the perfect wedding venue in Fort Wayne, and many are rather obvious, there are others that may not be so blatant. Following are some of the most important – and most often overlooked – features of locations for weddings, receptions, and after-parties that are must-haves:


1. Location: It Shouldn’t be Just about You

Yes, of course it’s true that you’ll want to choose an outdoor or indoor event space that is beautiful, special to you and your future spouse, and affordable. However, you need to also consider your guests. The wrong beach pavilion or country club can easily discourage your guests from attending, while the right one can be inviting and promising. Consider the amount of space available for dressing and getting your wedding party ready, in addition to dining, dancing, and the ceremony itself. Although a remote location high on a mountaintop sounds romantic, how many of your guests would be able to make it there? Consider privacy, lighting, and the view, too.


2. Enough Power Outlets

You should always take a tour of all wedding venues near Ft. Wayne you are considering – even the ones you are already personally familiar with. Look for plenty of conveniently located electrical outlets, which is something many people don’t even think about ahead of time (understandably, too, since there is so much going on during this time of planning). Make sure there are ample power outlets in all areas; this is especially crucial if your reception area is a place that doesn’t normally host weddings. You’ll want to make sure that your entertainment providers have everything they need to keep that entertainment going. Having a multitude of extension cords running across the dance floor is not something you (or anyone else) will want on your special day.


3. Good Acoustics

There is more to consider regarding the sound of your wedding venue than you might think! If you’ll be having a music group that contains only a small handful of musicians, you’re going to want a more intimate venue, as opposed to a huge hall with vaulted ceilings. If the space you’re considering is too echoey, it will create far too much reverberation for any musical ensemble to handle, and it will also make it difficult for guests to carry on conversations clearly. Keep in mind that a room with thick carpeting will muffle sounds more, while a wood or tile floor will amplify them. The location you choose for your rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to meet so many qualifications, so if you love a place but it isn’t really ideal – like near the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum or a big, open golf course, consider it for your rehearsal dinner.


4. Appropriate Restrooms

While the subject of bathrooms may not be an altogether glamorous one, it is nonetheless necessary. Any Fort Wayne wedding venue that has any potential absolutely must be checked out beforehand. You not only will want to ensure that there are enough restrooms available for your guests and your wedding party, but you’ll also want to make sure that they are and will be clean. If necessary, also confirm that there will be state of the art ADA-compliant restrooms available if anyone who will be attending your wedding will require them.


5. A Backup Plan

A backup location in or near Fort Wayne, Indiana is definitely one of the most-often overlooked qualities of a great wedding venue location, and it’s one that is absolutely required for outdoor weddings and wedding receptions. Even if your event requires an indoor event space, you’ll want to consider alternative plans of action to account for anything and everything unexpected. Whether it be Mother Nature deciding to open the skies on your special day or one hall in a banquet center losing power or springing a leak in the roof overhead, you’ll need an alternative that can be used if necessary. It should be in the same location as your original space or if nothing else, at least close by.

While you can find plenty of articles online that discuss all the “common sense” things to look for in a Fort Wayne wedding venue near Goshen, Warsaw, Syracuse, or anywhere else, for that matter, you need to make sure you also consider all the features that aren’t mentioned often and are commonly overlooked.


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