Start 2019 Off on the Right Foot with a Corporate Retreat

In the business world, sometimes you need to hit the refresh button. Working out of the same office every day can leave you feeling stuck in neutral. Unless you do something to change up your normal routine, 2019 might end up looking a lot like the year before. If you want your business to reach new heights, try taking your team on a corporate retreat. With the right conference space and a change of scenery, you and your team can start thinking outside the box in all sorts of ways. Discover the benefits of a corporate retreat.

Focus on a Particular Goal

As much as your team might love a free vacation, you can use a corporate retreat to boost productivity, especially when everyone is focused on a particular goal. Organizing a retreat around this goal can help everyone get on the same page. No more hiding behind cubicles. Everyone will be in the same space as you experiment with new ideas and inch closer to your goal. From marketing initiatives to boosting sales, keep your team focused on what matters most to your company.

Reimagine Your Brand

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate just about every decision your company has ever made, including the central message behind your brand. Today’s business world is changing fast as new technology and disruptors change the way consumers think about the status quo.

When it comes to reaching new consumers and growing your company in the digital age, you need to get your team thinking outside the box. Use a corporate retreat to stretch your team’s imagination. Working in a new location can lead to all kinds of new branding ideas, such as a new content strategy, changing the story of your brand, and finding ways to reach younger consumers.

Embrace Novelty

Facing a new challenge or situation pushes our thinking in new directions. From trying new activities to simply working in a new location, novelty helps us learn more about ourselves and overcome fear*. When it comes to creativity, doing the same task day-in and day-out has its limits. But taking your team to a new location and having them try different brainstorming exercises will get their creative juices flowing. This also encourages the more reserved members of your team to come out of their shell.

Destress for More Creative Thinking

Stress eats away at productivity. When we’re confronted with a stressful situation, the “fight or flight” response kicks in, so the brain is focused on survival**. Working under stressful circumstances will impede your team’s creativity. But taking off on a corporate retreat can reduce stress, helping your team see clearly so they can unleash their creativity.  You can have your team step away from their smartphones and laptops for a few days as they spend time in nature, get to know one another, or try new activities. Sometimes you need to unwind to get the job done.

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